Broke 400 on the leaderboard wtih Wraith


Working my way up with Wraith and after some close games I broke 400 with an awesome 40 game win streak so far. :smiley:


Make a thread and give advice

400 rank AMA best wraith 2015 hardcore 9000


That’s nice, keep working your way up there , I remember when I was 300 as Bucket and now I’m 16 in the leaderboard, so keep having fun with :wraith:


Hit triangle. I’ll be there :wink:


Cool stuff bro, I’m ranked over 100 globally on the xbox wraith leaderboards. Though I see you are on ps4.


Nice, what class you using?


Nice job, keep it up. Even though the leaderboards are tied to win count instead of win/loss or something else, I think people underestimate its significance in terms of player experience :smiley_cat:


Oops, I’m an idiot, it’s on the title.

Congrats nonetheless