Brohemoth in this stance is...Umm


Image courtesy of @B_Wood3235, hope you don’t mind me using it to demonstrate my point. :smile:

As you can see this is the default stance for showing off skins.

Etc., and it looks great for the first three Monsters, but when applied to Behemoth…

…He just looks TERRIBLE. Like, he needs to lay off the three meats because his stomach is overflowing. He’s so fat, it’s disturbing…Icky. Anyone else notice this and think they should’ve used a different stance for Brohemoth?


Your so mean to bob.


Let it go, @MidnightRoses, let it go.


No! He’s UGLY!


Well, he is a monster…


Oh I totally agree with this


No. The other Monsters look cool. Goliath is swag. Kraken is terifyingly creepy with those lip…mouth…teeth…whatever, Wraith is pretty awesome looking too, but Behemoth? Ugly, but without the creepy factor of Kraken, ungraceful, but without the nice Goliath-y look to him, and he’s FAT.


At least the other monsters are not that bad. ^.-
He takes it to a whole new level.


What the hell do you expect from a rolling kidney stone from hell that belches magma everywhere and would rather roll it’s fat ass over it’s targets rather than beating them to death?

To be a fit activist?


He doesn’t need to be a fit activist. He needs to not be fat.


Did you have like a horrible experience with a ugly, ungraceful, fat person in your past?


Haha! Behemoth is a gluttonous bastard.


A thin behemoth would look worse.



Not thin, but less fat!



That’s Fat Bastard from Austin Powers! Bwahaha!


Now all you have to do is photoshop behemoth’s face onto fat bastard there and applicate midnightroses’s picture to whoever the hell the woman’s name was in that movie.



Nooooooooooooooo mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


That’s great for him! :smile:

Now he needs to beat obesity