Brohemoth Appreciation Station


Show love to him who is a monster yet also a bro.


He’s my favorite monster and I have 'll his skins!


@Shin Called it! I win again, you owe me!


I don’t make bets. ^.^


Nuh uh! I have this one voice recorded, now pay up honey.


Can’t be true, I never agree to such things!


It is true. Now shut up and give me what you owe me, Jak. :slight_smile:


What do you believe I owe you?


I haven’t decided, you said I could have whatever I wanted. Remember?


Don’t remember that. ^.-


Lies! You told me I could have whatever I wanted if I won the bet! :slight_smile: And I would like…Hmm…


B-but I don’t tell lies. O.o


Aside from the awkward conversation…

You’re welcome OP for the term Brohemoth!

All you pigeons can now thank and love me to no end! cries a little


Yes you do.

And I want a match where you have to play Slim and only use the spore cloud. ^.^

…Oops…Sorry. :sweat_smile:

Back on topic.

Why do you like Behemoth? He’s so fat. :stuck_out_tongue:

And he’s super buggy.


Because he is a giant rock puppy who comes in shades of brown, white, tan, and green.


Brohemoth, oversized sanic, kills hunters, has a gigantic tongue, can smack val around, and seems like a damned good Bowling ball.


Yeah I love playing Bob in this game. He is my favorite monster.


That’s racist.


I think there is no harm in being racist with monsters, the same way Wraith is very skinny, she really needs a trapjaw
diet :daisy:


That’s Wraith-cist.