Bringing Characters to life | ARTIST NEEDED

yeah sure thing, ill try my best with concept art designs for the hunters as a base reference to work with after I finish my school work on sunday. Ill tag @EyelessWolf and @TheSub in the progress I make so you guys arent working in the dark. thankyou for the help in advance you guys.

@TheSub there you go, I posted it in the original thread for you… lol

dying of excitement @EyelessWolf , Do you know maybe when you’ll have time to scan it and post it? :blush:

After raiden is finished, lets tackle arsenic next.

@JamesH Still up for some 3D modeling after Raiden is finished? Ps we will do arsenic after raiden so no worries, lol :D.

like I said before I’ll be drawing some monster concepts and posting them every so often. keep your eyes open. :thumbsup:

Looking forward to it, psst can I come up with the abilities?

lol all ready have some, but 6th sense needs to be reworked in order to deal damage.

6th sense should stay the defensive ability but I think you might need to either scrap Trance or Blood Bomb

Oh this looks super cool! I’m too busy atm to do freebies but I do take commissions right now if you still need an artist. You can find my art thread here.

And here is one of the custom hunters I designed recently.

yeah the hard part is making all the abilities offensive. so keeping 6th sense as a defensive ability wouldnt work.

I was using trance so that Haze would have time to vamp and disorientate hunters.
Blood bomb was a reward for successful vamping hits. the more the vamp armor the more damage output from the blood bomb.
6th sense was to avoid damage i saw being used while you were on the run or coming into battle. I think I might scrap this and go with a move like this instead

6th sense

  • allows haze to smell further and more accurate. illuminating the thermal signatures of all creatures or hunters within 100m for 10s. Vamps and pounces do double the amount of damage before on all illuminated targets.
    cooldown (Wraith’s decoy cooldown timer)

-Allows haze to emit neural interceptors from the receptors from his tenticles, covering a 15 meter radius around Haze where hunters visual perception is delayed by 5 sec within the neural cloud. Hunters can also injure each other while within the trance and arent aware of incoming damage taken in the past 5 sec. Haze takes an additional 1/3rd damage for all incoming attacks while inside the shroud.
duration: 20sec
cooldown: 10sec

Effects on hunters
-no pings
-slight foggy white vinyette covering hud borders, health bar, and jetpack.

effects on Haze
-Takes 1/3rd additional incoming damage.

Nicely done, I always made monsters myself but gave up cause I can’t draw the monsters lol

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Im not the best artist but I still try. monsters seem to be better when they are seen rather than talked about. Never give up @evolvinman. The forums are filled with helpful and kind people who dont really mind sharing their talents with others. all you have to do is ask. :smile:

I would love to review some of your monster ideas, or if you want you can help me balance Haze’s abilities to get him combat ready.

I’m pretty good at texturing so I could try my part~

Are you a 3D modeler like @JamesH or a concept artist like @TheSub and @EyelessWolf?

I wouldnt mind the extra help. the more the marrier. :smiley:

I just do texturing, but I’m not that bad at drawing either. :smile:

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I would love to do that. I’ll be on the forums 24/7 but if you go to this:

The last comment is my monster I just made today.

You forgot I offered to help ;-;

I’m just not as amazing as @JamesH :pensive:

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I didn’t forget about you, lol. ok maybe it slipped my mind a little. but I’m working on getting the concept finished first then ill shoot you and james a call for the modeling.


Stabilizer: An omnidirectional ability that has a large radius to stop all bullets, grenades, rocket, chemical weapons in its presence (if firing at the monster) and deactivates it movement. So all that damage collected is all wasted.

I like this ability and the monster sounds like what the wraith was meant to be in speed minus the hit and run tactic.
maybe start with trying to make all the abilities do some form of damage. I’m not saying that they all have to be damaging, but it just gives people some incentive to choose that ability.

I had to scrap my idea of 6th sense and rework both trance and 6th sense in a way that they allow some form of combat effectiveness. I would love to see a drawing of it if you can so I can have a better understanding of the way it might function.

Yea I will be editing it.

Edit: I just looked over it and as far I see they all do damage except “Stabilizer” also it’s like a Goliath and Wraith mixed together. It has the speed of Wraith and the damage of Goliath, go ahead call it OP lol.

It’s not op cause it has no armor. One good stage one dome would be enough to kill him.
But stage 3 will run through any comp if there isn’t any forward progress or punishment at stage one.

OH! We’re talking about your monster right?

Lmao haze needs a ton of work. :smile:

Speaking of Haze I was going through Concept art of Evolve and I saw your paper drawing of Haze.