Bringing And Training New Players


Just tried to help a new player learn to play evolve only to watch his dreams get crushed by a behemoth. I’d like to hear some tips on how to teach people to play besides “time” which we all know works, on how to bring players in in a non frustrating way. It’s important we do this or the game has no future.


Advise him to play against bot monster first. In Solo mode he can create any hunter comp he likes, preferably very common one at the beginning, and he can try and learn every class. BTW hunter bots, even though weak, play quite well their roles. I mean Hank is shielding, medic healing and so on.

Also the tutorial videos are nice introduction. I would go through it a few times before playing selected hunter - and try to use techniques shown in these vids.

Against human monster - surely he loses. He should! …unless he meets another noob.


Yea, just chose the most OP hunters first! Set favors hunters, let him get a feel for it. I honestly believe Evolve is based on confidence. When I first played Evolve, I was nervous to play has the monster. 1 vs. 4 HA mathematically and logically, the 1 loses until I realized that Evolving helps! lol


Tell him to play Wasteland Maggie while you play Hank. :stuck_out_tongue:


Run customs in a party with a person monster that can back off and give tips. Its what we do in training sessions anyway.


Custom matches with friendly players are best. Focusing on the basic skills and basic class duties.

  1. Setup: Program ability buttons to a mouse if possible this can really help gameplay. Mouse is for aiming and using weapons and abilities. Keyboard is for movement and communication.
  2. Jetpack management is key to being a good hunter. Focus on intentional jetpack awareness/use to traverse the map. Entering a fight with a monster on an empty jetpack is a great way to get downed immediately.
  3. Practice Dodging: Learn which monster abilities should be dodged vs. tanked, and how to dodge them effectively.

Once a player has jetpack management and dodging skills they are positioned for success as they develop their skills further and learn more about playing specific classes.


if they are on xbox tell them to come to meh
I love helping new players!

######no really I do


The problem is that people still have different opinions over some things of evolve so the the training won’t be the same for everyone


but this game is not new friendly because the only info you get is from the toturial video, so they need help from other people. because i can’t tell you how many time i’ve seen a tech sergeant hank shooting from 150m time after time without dmg,
but if they update the interface when you select a character would help a lot and you can see the difference between each assault medic etc. for example:

hide: health 4200points
flamethrower reload time 7sec/deals 45 damage per second/ capicity12seconds
shield recharge time 30sec/duration 10sec

if every character got information like this those new players would have been helped a lot and i know you can get this info online but most new players start playing right away instead of looking some info up first, and then lose every match and leave beacause they can’t win.
and they think rogue val is better because she heals more people at the same time, but the fact is val heals more if u use the heal burst together with the medgun.

and if you take a perk that it automatically shows the difference like magazine size is now 200 instead of 100 rounds because now those detirmining ranks go into a fight blindly, like running in a room full of tigers good luck and thats why i only play monster from now on


Coaching people or fighting them is the best part of the game. Just play for fun and try to explain slowly and understandable what is\was import.