Bring the Mobile Arena activation audible and sound back

Now that 1 second domes are likely here to stay, please bring back Monsters hearing the audio cue that a dome is going up. Both the audible dialog spoken by the trapper character and the sound the device makes as it’s being thrown and going up.


I still say that the mobile arena should be 3 seconds.


Get outta this thread you troll! Go make your own thread :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the topic, I don’t see the point? You won’t have enough time to do anything about it…
~grumbles~ unless you also want longer dome deployment times as @10shredder00 suggested

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I like the one second domes, @10shredder00
Honestly, I don’t even remember the audible que sounds >_<

It can be the difference between wasting a traversal versus saving it or using it to begin an attack.

It’s unlikely to be useful for evading domes the way it was back when dome cast time was 5 seconds and the sound was removed for monsters as one of the earliest attempts to thwart that meta.


I don’t mind them adding back the audible clues for the dome back. As long as the dome is still one second.

I think it could even be raised to 1.5 seconds and still deter the avoid the dome meta from before. 2 seconds or more and it probably has to remain silent. I’d love to see 2.5 second domes, but I don’t think we’ll see that change any time soon, so I’m asking for this instead.

Anywhere between 2 and 3 second domes seems good to me.

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Until we see that it would be nice to have the audio cue back in the meantime.

I’d like the sound back.

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