Bring on the behemoth


Cannot say how excited I am for this big fella. He is going to be a blast to hunt and face just due to the amount of confrontation there will be. I think wraith is getting its bad wrap due to not enough shooting and to much running, behemoth will add such exciting gameplay. Just wanting to say how pumped I am for this guy.



Waiting on that release date to be announced :smile:


Are ya more excited to kill it or kill hunters using it?

I’m super excited too. I wonder how much his skills will have changed since we’ve seen them a little more than a month ago. The lava bomb skill seems pretty nifty so I’m curious if they’ll have tweaked it at all.


He will be my main. >w>


Both but probably hunt it more so just bc there will be so much action.


I’m also excited. I can imagine it taking a couple of games to get used to his slow movement speed and climbing, but hopefully his rolling ability will be enough to make up for it.


Of all the monsters, Goliath is my favorite, due to the face-tanking I’m allowed to do. Makes me feel like a beast (or a monster, if you will). I have a very good feeling Behemoth will be my new favorite when he comes out :grin:


I’m still cautious about Behemoth. I want to see how easily/difficult it is for him to armor up and evolve. A super lot of people will have Abe by the time Behemoth comes out, and I can see Behemoth being totally shut down by spammed slow grenades and tranq darts. And it doesn’t matter how high his armor capacity or health is if he can never feed or evolve up in level.

Like I say, I’m very cautious about being too excited about him.


I can’t wait to use him for defend and just put up a wall to defend my minions from the hunters and turrets or put them up infront of a cave after I tongue grab a hunter and wail on him while his team waits for the wall to come down


Also excited to hear his footsteps at stage 3 lol


His rolling is going to sound like a bulldozer… plowing through trees… and people.


When the Behemoth is rolling, I’m pretty sure hunters will hear this…