Bring Back Wraith Invisibility



I don’t understand why the wraith invisibility was removed. The ability to go invisible when the decoy was used was the staple of the wraith character. Especially considering how well hunters can track monsters, wraith really needs that to help stay alive. Wraith is a late-game playing monster, and without the ability to evade hunters, that game-play is much more challenging than it should be.

I also think overall round time should be extended SLIGHTLY (maybe 3-5 minutes?) but that’s another topic.

All I’m trying to get at is that playing as wraith was already challenging enough back in Stage 1. No need to nerf-bat this character even more. I understand that people got really upset with how OP wraith was back in BETA, but that’s no longer the case. It’s really not. Even with wraith’s invisibility, an decent hunter team can take her on. She’s MEANT to be sneaky and force hunter players to actually use their brains rather than point and shoot like almost every other monster. Right now, I really feel like every monster plays the same way and that’s very disappointing. I understand this iteration is still in testing of sorts, but even with the fantastic new progression system, everything about monster play seems to be going the wrong direction. I have more fun playing as a hunter than a monster now due to the decreased variety in tactics.

Every monster is “run, eat, fight, hope you can evolve, fight after evolving because hunters can track you too easily, escape, repeat until stage 3 if you don’t die or you somehow manage to kill them”. If anything, Meteor Goliath and Elder Kraken are the only slight deviation from this because they’re very strong and hunters need to be on their A-game while fighting at any stage. Bring the tactical deviation back. Increase the cooldown of the orbital scanner and remove the trapper’s highlight. Honestly I think that’s a bit too strong.

I touched more topics here than I initially wanted but I honestly think the game is a bit too in favor of hunters right now.

Anyway, here’s a quick break down of my thoughts:

  • Shared dome is good!
  • Increasing dropship timer is good!
  • Planetary scanner is a bit too strong, but the ability itself is good!
  • Every monster plays the same, and that’s BORING…
  • Removing Wraith’s invisibility is TERRIBLE. Wraith doesn’t feel like wraith anymore…



It was very toxic
IMO invisibility wasn’t good anyways, now that so many hunters have DOT attacks you can see right through it. It became useless .
While I do some what miss stealthy wraith her changes were necessary .


^ that.

At the low levels it was incredibly toxic and at the mid-high level it was worthless.

This form is much better for combat ie actually useful.


Fair point, but I still feel Wraith needs some kind of stealth ability. The way hunters can constantly stay on you is plain ridiculous. I play with low-mid ELO friends and they can keep on me like a pro from Legacy. It’s too much for wraith to deal with IMO. The low armor and health simply can’t compensate. I BARELY managed to win with my practice game against 1 of my friends and 3 bots. Though I admit I’m rusty with wraith, I’m not THAT rusty.

And I wan’t to clarify that the main point I’m trying to get at is the lack of tactics this new iteration currently has, and I don’t like that. Every monster plays the same way. Same tactics. No variety.


Don’t be hard on yourself bot’s don’t exactly miss their shots, they can do some damage man.

It used to not be like that, but nobody wanted to fight a monster that ran the whole time. It was always abused, now she’ll actually fight, it makes it more fun for everyone , and its some what new player friendly.


Please no.


To be fair, bots are better than 60% of the current player base. They use cooldowns so effectively you’d think they had hacks. But that’s besides the point.

Wraith in her current state is pretty good. There is still potential for jukes and sneaks even without invis. Plus with new decoy, you can pop it and keep swinging instead of using and waiting till it was over to attack, like the old one. I think it’s fine


It will take time and effort for you to understand the game and learn the maps, the feeding routes, etc etc…

I hate being the barer of bad news but if time goes by and you play wraith with what you describe low-average Elo and still cannot get away from them then maybe you might have to come to terms with the fact that you are not monster material. I only say so because for example I am NOT monster material either.

It might seem too harsh but the 12 min limit means you have to run and gun all the time.
Feed fast, run fast, when in dome get a strike fast, feed again fast…
There is no time to savour the map, play too stealthy - sneaky etc

All in all I hate to dissapoint you but wraith is in a very good state right now , two times better than it was in it’s last state in Legacy.