Bring back *Take a break* or add an *Unstuck* option. (plus funny screenshot of dune beetle)


It is very frustrating that I have been losing due to getting stuck in something, evolveing map clipping, tree(dome in case of the monster) and a wall, etc…

It would just be wonderful if there was an unstuck option, where the game only lets you go idle for say five seconds so that the bot or engine can move you somewhere safe.

Of course it will need to have a cooldown just like the restart call to balance it out.

#I am so upset that even Dune Beetles can sympathize with me?

This hug may hurt due to all the spikes, but at least it’s a hug that’s full of love. :heart:



Did you encounter an issue where you couldn’t spend your skill points during the evolve?


yes, usually taking a break fixes it but with it now gone. The only way to get out of it is to either die, disconnect our get kicked.


It is used to fix it in legacy but apparently not anymore. At least they know about it and are working on it :slight_smile:


Honestly, I would be fine with an option like “Take a break (50 Silver Keys)” and the cost could go up each time it was used within a 24 hour time frame or something of the like. One for the glitches, but two, sometimes something comes up and I don’t want to let my others hunters down and/or be booted.


Unstuck or uninstall.

I am a monster main and I DEMOLISH bronze teams in any mode, every day. I have been put in bronze because 9 games of ranked lost to “texture lag” and and one game to the “stuck issue.” Almost all my games in hunt were lost to these problems. I’ll dumb my game down to medium textures so that I can play it, but the stuck issue completely destroys any competitive credibility this game may have. I am positive this is why ranked queue is so long. I am never playing ranked again. If the game isn’t fixed with a simple workaround soon, I will uninstall it so I can have space for another game that doesn’t steal my glory.


Please put take a break back, if I need to piss before a game I would like to do so without screwing over my team