Bring Back Stealth


As it stands now Stealth has been completely removed from the game. Sure you can make some lame arguement about juking the Hunter’s with “stealth” but that doesnt mean much when the Trapper can just press 4 and know where the monster is. Its worse then the Legacy days when everyone just played Daisy.

Im not saying remove their satellite but perhaps, maybe, removing a viable strategy from the Monster’s kit was kind of a poor idea.

What is the satellite time as it is? 60 seconds? If that? How about 1:30 instead? That sounds pretty reasonable to me. Or better yet something that monster can destroy and temporarily take the Satelite off line. The device & satellite comes back after say 60 seconds for the monster to try and destroy again.

Make Hunter’s use some actual thought in tracking the monster instead of pressing 4.


So you want trapper to be from insignificant to useless… stop it this is not legacy and the map revamped are not for hide and seek purpose. PS is there to ensure hunters gets a chance to destroy the monster berfore stage 3. The one u purpose will bring back FT3 in the game. FYI monster are much stronger now and can down a hunter in stage 1/2 if used correctly. 20-30 minutes game just to find the monster is boring


This is so true. Nothing is balanced around legacy hide n seek. If you were to nerf the scan you could as well give monsters 50% of dmg and hp. + if used properly crouching is still good.

I crouch at hunter spawn,they leave spawn and i go other side works 10/10 of times


There are stealth in game, just no cloaking.
Plus Phantom Wraith is coming, and rumors are it will get back original Wraith’s cloak (well, maybe not original, like without clone, but probably still cloak), maybe even actually would make impossible to locate Wraith with satellite if she cloaked at that moment.
As for now, satellite hardly an issue. Even as non-wraith i can easily fool hunters on where i am, and with wraith it often happens that when they ping me second time with satellite - i am on the opposite side of the map. In fact this satellite skill is very unfair for hunter - because monster informed each time trapper used one. So unless trapper using additional tracking methods, satellite itself is barely useful at all.


Against good Hunter’s and trapper. Both of these statments prove false and I say this as someone who played Legacy.


Maybe this sentence pissed them off. People have a trauma in old Evolve Legacy.


Shrug. I didnt say remove the thing. Just had a counter play to it or an extended timer. Its not like Trappers dont have other tools to find a monster.


But sneaking was boring as f. For hunters.


Yep and now the maps are kind of smaller with almost every advantage under the sun given to Hunter’s. You’ll still have the Satellite at 1:30 or whatever they should do with it. But as it is the game is no longer the interesting game of cat and mouse but a arena brawler.

Less the Predator and more the Running Man.


The old game of Evolve, Legacy wise, was a game where you were aiming to try and find the monster within about 5 minutes so that you could have a chance at a dome where you dealt crippling damage to the monster, and the monster was basically stronger the closer they got to this rough timestamp because they would be at the best armour/abilities/position.

Of course in reality there were a lot of stage 1 or near stage 1 domes, because carrion birds and the fact that every monster ran the same feeding route in the end to take them past the damage or cooldown buff and secure it before the hunters could deny it, and trappers really didn’t do all that much actively anyway.

“Stealth” in Legacy was practically a myth, it’s something you could do but you were basically just trolling a weaker hunter team if you could manage it, or putting yourself in a situation where you were giving the hunters longer to find that one “destroy” dome.

Now, while games of Stage 2 can go on just as long, they are more action filled, and so relying on the trappers to find the monster without carrion birds is just not going to cut it. Stealth would literally become the new meta for play, topped up with movespeed and feeding perks. And I think this is what people that complain about the “loss” of stealth don’t ever reasonable tackle in their discussion… planet scanner is a non-RNG form of the birds that were taken away, giving some kind of tactical choice and putting it in the hands of the trapper as to when they will get that monster location.

Except now, as it turns out, there’s a lovely outline of the monster which is…and hold on to your butts guys… really useful for the monster because you literally can show the hunters you’re doing something and then, once the planet scanner has finished, change your actions. Against good teams this won’t fool them but it will spread them out to the degree that sneak play is possible, or better still, ambush play.

I hope I don’t come across too facetious, this is naturally a conversation that has happened a few times now and I understand the theory of people complaining about the “loss of stealth”, but I strongly urge those people to actually think about the realities of what changed between Legacy and Stage 2, because I don’t see anything that has stopped monsters from being able to practically play as stealthily as Legacy (or more tbh, since there’s no longer RNG to screw your plans up) unless the monsters were basically not eating and thus just dragging the game out for their own amusement, or never eating outside of caves (which on the maps where this was a viable strategy, was as good as no stealth at all :wink: ).

Maps are uniformly larger than in Legacy


Stealth play is still there and im atarting yo use it more and more.

It wasnt like that until I asked the community for advice and now after more play and practice I f8nd myself stealthy again.

As far as the beeper goes, you can simply time it and het a feel for the hunters burst. One thing to do is right before its ready to be used you can hear two beeps, once you hear that or you think its about time. Crounch and be still for a momment. They might just confuse you for a meganouth.

But its really there and i am beginning to grow a more interesting paths in the game that somehow just lose the hunters. Its happening more often now and I am suprised how well it actually works. No jukes required but happy if your good.


Hoping that trapper confuse you as megamouth,huh? That play is just begging hunters are dumbass. You are proving current stealth is useless by your sentence. Sneak is only useful when uses sneak attack in dome fight.


It depends on the distance. If you’re 150m+ away then even with the outline the hunters aren’t going to know what they’re seeing, it’s hard to see much of an outline at that distance.

This does bring up a second point though, using PS at large distances might send you in the right direction, but tbh it’s next to useless because monsters are fast enough that they could literally be on the opposite side of the map having worked around you by the time your planet scanner is next up and running!


Well, i run smell range on wraith and can juke all hunters that don’t split. If they split i have a chance of singling one out and getting an easy strike.

Its quite effective… Just not when they decide to defend relay, then you just lose.


Stealth is very much viable now. just not " stealth till I hit stage 3" viable.


No… Its called STRATEGY…

See the TRAPPER is looking for MOVING TARGET.


Its pretty basic hide and seek.


When the trapper uses the Planetary Scanner, Its the monsters job to have positioned themselves in a way to confuse the hunters. This now comes down to map awareness mt friend. Its a game of Cat and Mouse. To give the Scanner more time is to make that less affective, and would make Bucket more playable.


You can still quote on quote stealth. I do it constantly. The difference is that in legacy as a monster you could play the 100% stealth strategy, which in hindsight was pretty darn annoying (you could reach stage 3 without ever getting domed).

If you want to stealth in stage 2: whenever you smell the hunters nearby, try juking them with stealh. I’ve done this so many times and 75% of the times it ends up working, while they think I’m at the beach in weather control, I’m actually still in the cave.


Stealth was extreamly boring for the hunters in fact it was one of the reasons a lot of people left the game!

If you want steath back and want to nerf planet scanner then we are gonna need something to help like put a timer on sneaking


Actually you can move, as long as you not in clear line of sight. Just count few seconds after you detected by planet scanner, and… turn 180 : P Hunters will go to direction you were EXPECTED to go when trapper pinged you with planetary scanner. So it quite easily to be in completely opposite dirrection… unless hunters will split up.