Bring back original game


devs I’ve been gone for 3 weeks and i just played 5 matches, all loses as monster. i used to win roughly 85% of my games and i understand i may be “rusty” but its way to obvious with some of the changes that have been made. for one pounce is utterly useless now, like seriously i understand the forums were over run with cry babies that got sneak attacked when they were alone but this is ridiculous. also it seems blatantly obvious that monsters take more damage now.

im not against balancing but its easy to see that y’all are trying to please the hunters simply bc they are the majority. and I’m not completely on the monster side of balance either, the behemoth is broken, i could care less for all the damage control but simply put it is very fast and has most health and armor. i keep getting in games with friends where behemoth just trolls till he’s tired of playing with us and then wins.


10-0 win streak as behemoth says otherewise


He’s not really broken. Like, at all. I think that weakpoint was fine, but it does make it easier on me. No one ever plays behemoth against me


The pounce barely changed. Must be you.


I can only say you need to play a little and get your head back in the game, you simply need to adjust. You say you could be “rusty” which may also be a factor (heheh Factor…) It was like this at first when the Tier 4s came out, we needed to adjust, that’s all.


how does 10-0 win streak as behemoth say other wise that literally proves my point


your full of it, pounce takes 1 sec between uses and half a second to actually dash after you press the button to pounce, thats straight from the balance changes.


In 3 weeks I improved my game as a hunter significantly, so most likely you just need to get back into the swing of things since the learning curve might have left you behind a bit.

Pounce now works as intended, it shouldn’t be spammable for a reason. The new hunters (Sunny mostly) are still a bit too powerful, sure, but nothing has gone completely insane in 3 weeks.


I’m always undefeated as Monster…Gotta warm up and get back into the game. Maybe your not use to the new hunters.


I can say I am a decent player and I got 4 consecutive losses as Hunter.

Game is fine. Sure it needs some ballance changes but not that large.

Biggest issue is matchmaking but whatever


well i switched back to wraith and I’m on a 4 win streak atm, goliath i what i was playing, i still stand behind what i said against behemoth though


You need to evolve your playstyle. :wink:


Goli got nerfed might be the problem. Can’t stand him since the traversal nerf. Flat out stopped playing him.


Most people who played Goliath used the glitch rock throw to their advantage now that it’s fixed rock throw isnt as OP


I saw like one person use it before the fix on pc. Highly doubt it effected very many matches.


I mean the fact you took damage from both impact and splash at the same time its been glitched since alpha


Pretty rare one in my experiance. Happened 3-4 times in all my time playing as goli. You made it sound like something someone could actively abuse.

My problem with goli now is that his escape after domes got butchered. Particularily against sunny and/or caira teams. Just not fun for me to have my ass rode nonstop all game.


And that makes pounce useless? 1 second cooldown doesn’t equal useless.


Well, you were complaining about the monsters getting Needed to oblivion, and I didn’t read your tonight’s on behemoth until after. Sorry man