Bring Back Old Hunt


I like the new Hunt mode, but for different reasons than I liked the old Hunt mode.

This one is a fast paced action packed game where you really go head to head a lot of the time never missing a beat which can feel really intense and tons of fun, but with the Planet scanner, stronger monster and dome for all hunters it’s not really for everyone.

The old hunt mode was just as good and bad… but for many different reasons. It felt more like a ‘hunt’ than a fight, where you were scared as the monster and had to really track the monster as the hunter.

Many people say one is better than the other, I miss the old one but the new version is growing on me alot.

Perhaps if they added the old Hunt mode as a sort of “Classic Hunt” in addition to the new “Quick Hunt” mode for a longer more in depth game? It could be as simple as having a mode with weaker monsters, no planet scanner, and Trapper specific arena just like the old version (with tweaks too…).

All in all I think it’s a nice compromise between the torn sides. Why have one when you can have both? I hope they implement this sort of thing, just as an option.

Anyone else think so? :slight_smile:


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This guy has a similar suggestion where you make a “Classic Hunt” mode where you can play the original way of Evolve.