Bring back old Dome Time

I get that the new dome time is here so it allows lower levels to get domes in and trap the Monster, I also understand that the game is meant to have multiple fights across the match, each side getting strikes and health damage until, evenutally final fight. This I understand

However since the update domes drop way too fast, by that I mean instantly. Although the developers have said it’s a 1 second dome drop time it really isn’t, it’s instantly. I’ve had so many games where I smack my face on an invisible wall and 1 second later the animation comes.

In low level play this might just be okay but in higher level play (Towards Sliver Master) it certainly isn’t. The game IMO is extremely Hunter favored in the higher level play and only is worse now that 5.0 is out as I expected but this is worse than I expected. Trappers that go with reload speed can get the dome up much faster and when it’s up trap you instantly. Pair that with my hated combo of Slim + Sunny + Griffin and there’s no getting away. Slim’s heals are insane so you can’t down anyone unless by suprise.

Higher level play is insanely difficult for Monsters with this dome time and with the changes they’ve been given so please bring back the dome time.


Actually, the dome time is perfect.
It makes the game more fun for both sides.

No-longer do you have to throw the dome at the very first opportunity, risking a bad dome where the monster can easily zip around, taking no health damage.
Also, it punish weak monster players (now that fighting stage 1/2 is viable) by them being caught in multiple engagements, because they refuse to attack and slow down the hunters.

And if you were not a flee-'till-three, then the dome change is barely noticeable, and if you where, you just got an opportunity to change your playstyle. The increased amount of engagements will only help you to improve as a monster further.
The dome change is simply amazing,


Yes. I do.
But… Where’s your counter argument?
You are about to de-rail your own thread.


No, it isn’t fun as Monster. It’s fun when you’re against a team you can beat. Not when it’s a pre-made of 4 who know how to play and every time you try to get away an invisible dome comes down in your face.

I was all for this patch but now it’s leaving a sour taste.

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3 Seconds would be nice. I mean, I jump, don’t see the domewall but suddenly I hit a invisible wall and after that a domewall, that’s stupid in my opinion


Well, the insta-dome that sometimes happen is not fun, of course. But I am assuming TRS will fix it shortly.

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It is. It’s terrible when you are low on health trying to get away when suddenly an invisible wall.

Try to eat? Assault’s on you and dome.
Try to run? Trapper cuts you off and domes you.
Try to fight? Medic heals, Support shields and Assault kills you.

I played this game and it was fun from a casual setting. Now that ranked is here everyone is competitive and every match is a pre-made. I’d run into those once in a blue-moon. Not every single game where I stand zero chance because of the new dome times.

Macman has already stated that the invisible wall was an oversight on their part in regards to code. They changed code of the dome to drop to one sec, but forgot to change visual fx along with it.

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As a Monster main I personally haven’t found it too bad, but it definitely cranks the pace of the game way up.

I played vs some pretty good Hunters multiple times including some of Vanquish’s ESL players, and found the matches were very dependent on the chase now. If you trade in a dome and lose armor for a down, and don’t manage to break LOS with Hunters to feed back up and get caught in another good dome, that’s GG. It happens a lot more often now that Trappers have fast dome and now that Recharge Speed is effecting mobile arena’s cooldown.

It’s crucial to ensure you’re not caught without armor in any dome aside from the stage 2 dome and that you’re making good trades in each dome. Don’t bother committing if you feel like you’re going to give a lot for the incap. It’s far safer to focus on damage mitigating as best you can, recover armor and try to stay in control of where you lead the Hunters so you can get some favorable domes.

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I personally think it has made a better game. I have also played with high skilled hunters and sometimes get destroyed by the monster after trapping him at stage 1. The other day I went against that pro player who was on the beat the pro live stream on the last day. (playing Wraith) As a good team of hunters we were determined to beat him and we got him in a dome within 20 seconds, he was stage 1. Great opportunity but all you have to do as monster is avoid damage which he did very well.

Then he staged up, domed again and we got walked all over. Domes really don’t mean anything but I have to say Wraith is now OP again.


With the exception of her traversal bug :sob:


Haven’t played her recently so no Idea what it is. Been in to Kraken loads lately. :sunglasses:

Baaaasically you can’t zip upwards effectively cause theres a chance she’ll just say
#NOPE. Going down!

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Ah that sucks. Makes me think Kraken needs a nerf because him + stamina recharge, you never have to hit the ground and can fly for AGES.

As someone who used trapper before and still uses trapper now (Thanks Jack >.<)

I tested how quick it was to deploy the Dome…

  • Map: Wraith trap.
    Monster: BoB.
    Area: One of the tunnels where the trapped Wraith is.

I held the dome, so I could see the range. BoB is just inside the dome. I throw it!
He gets domed, trapped in the Tunnel. I was Jack, so I repulsed him to stay in the tunnel as we began to shoot at him, course he uses the rock wall when possible >.<

Morale of the story is: BoB would’ve escaped before patch :stuck_out_tongue:

(As a Hunter main, I have no problem >.>)

Also, has anyone noticed how Wraith and Hyde are the ones in the background when in game search? O.O

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Sir, wat.

I think the new dome time is okay. Forces the Monster to actually do something about the Trapper, instead of just knowing that on the occasion of you getting domed, you’ll have an advantageous dome anyway. Adds to the suspense.


Sorry not buff I meant NERF!!! :joy:

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Her traversal locks onto hunters if they are infront of you and sometimes and by infront I mean within your FoV.


Ya, kinda annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ll remove it by the time I get back from working this month and hopefully they’ll remove auto aim attacks.