Bring back latest played character to title menu


That was a nice touch before Stage 2. You’d get the character you last played animated in the background of the title screen. I really like that, it added variety and it showed detailed renders and animations of the monsters and hunters.

Was this removed because it took too much space? I think it was worth it.


I loved watching Bob on the title screen, please bring it back :disappointed_relieved:.


Bob was great with that animation where he’d shift the plaques on his face to roar, that was amazing.


Bob = Bob, there is no substitute on the title screen for Bob.


We ended up having to remove them because they took up SOOOOOOOOO much space.

Believe me. I fought the good fight for all of us. :slight_smile: That was one of my favorite parts too.

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I rather not have it back because I think part of the reason why they removed the animated sequences was it cut the file size from 40GB -> 18 GB which is a GODSEND and unnecessarily big, and it improved loading times.

Sorry, but I don’t want 22 GB of looping animations.


I’m glad they are gone, it was all pointless fluff. Thank you for streamlining the download.


I had a feeling it was because of space. It did look more awesome than the average game. But well, it was too big. Thanks for clarifying this.