Bring back Groups in Quickplay (No Monsters in Group)


Title explains alot. I only got 1 teammate and we hate it in one of us has to play as the monster. Ich still dont unterstand why this has been changed. Playing Ranked with out a Group out of 4 Players wont bei really successful. (English is not my preferred language)


Wait, so are you suggesting they remove the ability to play as the Monster if you are in a group while playing Quickplay?


Thats what I mean


Cool, I moved it to Suggestions, since that’s where it belongs and I kept your original Title, but added a little to clarify. It should be easier to understand that way.

As for your point, I don’t know how to feel about it. We had both for a while and when Monsters weren’t allowed to play with friends there was a lot of requests to add the feature. Ever since they added it, I haven’t really seen your point brought up a lot. I think you may be in the minority in this case, especially since there is Ranked Play which doesn’t allow Monsters in a group.


maybe make it so that we can turn it on and off?


either way I would love to be able to play with my group as hunters and not have a 4/5 chance in one of us being the monster.


Just put monster as your least preference, and you should be fine usually. If not just try joining a different lobby :slight_smile:


right but when you have 4 people in your party with that same preference you can continually run into other hunter preference randoms. It can take just as long as it would to que up a ranked match.


So why not queue up for ranked? You should be getting paired against monsters similar to your ranking, and you’ll get precisely what you’re looking for. And if you don’t care about winning, you won’t care about losing a match every now and again :slight_smile:


In Ranked we play Most of the Time with umranked Players against silver Monsters (we are silver 1& 2 ) we cant get higher wihout a full team


Play some quickplay, meet some new people to add to your friendlist… Go into ranked :slight_smile:


Yeah the thing ist that this is not really what I want. I got 1 awesome teammate the other 15 ots 20 quittet already. We just wanna play sometimes a few matches as hunters and have fun.


So basically you don’t wanna play with a team in a cooperative game, is that correct?


No I mean I am not searching for teammates anymore. I know that ich can rely on my teammate and most people I find dont even want to play in a Team or cant speak german