Bring Back Dinosaurs

I wonder just HOW accurate they will be going. :slight_smile:
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You and your accuracy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All dinosaurs will be accurate or be burned in the fires of purity.


The sad thing is, I doubt we can ever get 100% accuracy


We can’t, but the least they can do is give the t.rex some feathers!


Zoobooks??? Holy crap, that is a blast from the past.


I have all of the zoobooks as far as I know. I stayed a subscriber for years back in the day and recall getting duplicates so stopped the subscription. They were and still are awesome books! I think I will become a backer.


I was watching a tedtalk and this one biology professor was saying that the concept of Jurassic park is possible, by using different DNA and putting them together. They apparently brought back a extinct turtle awhile ago.


At out current understanding of genetics, JP is impossible. The amount of time the DNA diminishes is too fast for us to recover anything to actually use, for now.
But turning birds into dinosaurs through modifications, that would be interesting.


Ehh either way it was a professor who said it don’t no if I believe any of it. Would be amazing tho I grew up with dinosaurs


Most Dino DNA still remains in the marrow in fossils so with that we can lead more about dinos and such


No, you fool! You can’t make dinosaurs! Man makes dinosaurs, dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the Earth! DO YOU WANT THIRD WAVE FEMINISM TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD???


I don’t know. I am sure it is POSSIBLE but the dinosaurs would still not be exactly true to what they originally were, if they could get a proper DNA sample to work from. I also find it dubious that DNA can survive a supposed 65 million years but I digress. I was heavily following the Thylacine (Tasmanian tiger-wolf) cloning talk a while back in '99 and that project was closed down in 2005 due to not having good enough DNA. And this is to a species that officially went extinct in 1936 and we have fresher DNA with that animal than dinosaurs.

One day maybe we will see a live one…the extinction of this species is still up for debate…


I want mighty dragons, now!


Be careful what you wish for.


Ok then tiny dragons :grinning: (creepy smiley…)


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