Brief overview on forum bug section

I was wondering whether or not there could be a sticky on the “BUG” tag of the forums where the devs / mods could simply put a list of known issues with maybe a top priority heading or something so that the same issue doesn’t get reported multiple times… think it would relieve stress of the players and I believe it could be tedious for the devs / mods going to posts “we are aware / looking at it”

apologies if such a section already exists, I just haven’t seen anything like that.

I am but a nooblet at this “using the forums” thing…

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I’ll try and create one in hopes that the bug section will be less spammy. It’ll take a lot of work to get a decent start on the list, so it will take time. I might have to spend all day tomorrow working on it though,

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Awesome, thanks.

Sorry for potentially creating extra work here, but think it would be more of an investment to save time in future.

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They’re updating this one normally to let us know what they’re working on deploying into patches, but I suppose it wouldnt hurt to write a list of bug fixes that are being looked into either. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just usually jump to the bugs category and monitor the ever evolving (sorry ^^) state of the game.

It was something I saw on other game’s forum and it was quite handy, kept me from making unnecessary reports.

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All good! I’m a bit too tired to grab all the bugs that are being worked on and compile them into a mega thread but if @XplosionIncorporated can make a list that’s all good :smiley:


Not exactly the same, but here are some bugs/issues we’ve encountered on the forums that people can fix themselves

I thought more for the known issues that get reposted alot.
like the “lobby is full” and “Black screen / UI” issues.

and if possible with short title so it catches the eye somebody simply scanning the forum (as I do most times).

the work-around articles would even be handy inside such a known issues article

has there been any progress regarding the above mentioned topic? :slight_smile: