Brief hunter clone on death (minor visual bug)


When a hunter is killed by the monster, it briefly splits into two of the same hunter before correcting itself and being just one hunter again.

Seen 5/5 times from hunter perspective when hunters were killed in a match on Orbital Drill. Still investigating if this was a one time thing or an always. If I see it again I’ll add a screenshot here.


I’ve only seen this occur when I’m the last man standing or have 2 strikes on me, I don’t usually see it when I’m incapped, if that helps the report.


@FernArt @dysa72


So I believe this is being caused by a bit of lag. I know we have an issue in for this I’ll check to see where the bugs at but it is being worked on :slight_smile:


There most likely was lag in the game, as I was playing with people on the other side of the world :slight_smile: Thanks for the update Dylan :smiley: