Breakthrough with the battle against Cancer!


I can’t even imagine the day it is possible to completely forget about the bastard that is known as cancer that claimed so many good lives.


Holy shit.


My point exactly.


This is beautiful, I have no words, seriously thank you for sharing this. I’m glad we have hope now.


Although this isn’t the cure for all cancer this is freaking amazing. In recent years, people have begun taking different approaches to try to rid different forms of cancer. The success of this trial will only bolster research and development in similar methods and I’ll be pretty damn happy when lives don’t have to be shattered because of some shitty disease.


No words. Only feelings.


My family saw this flipping through shows… Our words were taken from us…


Both of my parents have had some sort of cancer, luckily they both survived though.

I only had a very slim chance of being born too cus my mum was still on chemotherapy but somehow against the odds I made it. Apparently I was known as the ‘Miracle Baby’ by the nurses and people like that.

I’m glad to see there’s progress being made against cancer.


Wow man, this is awesome. It’s such a big step towards finally not having to worry about cancer as a whole. Just thinking about how many lives will be saved using this treatment and the research that will be done is incredible. Thanks for sharing this Torvald_Stavig. :slight_smile:


No problem, as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be shared. Even if the treatment isn’t really successful in the end, other scientists will be able to improve vastly on the treatment and the new knowledge.


Exactly, it’s still a massive jump in the right direction if nothing else. I wonder how long it will take for it to be an available treatment to the public, assuming it is successful.


Well, this is brilliant. Trigger the body’s own immune system to take notice of the cancer and let it do it’s job. Amazing.


Awesome article!


I’m so excited for new info


Well thats good. I will believe it more when I see it taking effect on all cancers or an official “cure for cancer” is stated.


There’s no such thing as a single cure for cancer. It all depends on the person themselves.
Fun fact, if you say had breast cancer, that breast cancer could be very different from someone else’s cancer.


Fair enough I never knew the details of cancer I just know its a deformity amongst the cells. Although surely there must one day be something that can be used with all cancer regardless of how different they are?


Um, well, maybe?


Yes. Finally, we have a countermeasure. Time to strike back!!!


I wonder how much potential this treatment has for other diseases. For instance if it could be engineered to target the HIV virus, it could do tons of good work against this as well; combine it with medication to stunt the duplication of the virus and it could in theory allow the body to clean itself up :slight_smile: