BREAKING NEWS: NASA finds Earth Like Planet in Another System


NASA reports that they have found what appears to be an Earth-like planet in a neighboring star system.

NASA has earmarked this nearby Earth-like planet for exploration.

We live in interesting times.


Can we hunt monsters there? XD


I’d prefer the monsters stayed in the video games really.

I been thinking about what it would mean if NASA lands the probe and we see… that Proxima B is already… inhabited.

It’s been said that if a planet can support water on its surface that there will be life on the surface as surface water is only possible in proper atmosphere, etc.

But I’m thinking both intelligent or savage life on Proxima-B would be… unsettling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you imagine one of these NASA boffins saying out loud: “We should bring one of these back to the ship! Do experiments on it with our devices!” :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be eagerly awaiting more news on this in the future. Our sun will not last forever, and if humanity survives long enough to get near to the end of its life, we’ll have to relocate or face extinction. This is a marvelous discovery. Maybe we’ll advance enough in a few millennia to go there. That would a cool thing. Too bad well all be long dead before that happens.


Yes, but you are presuming Proxima-B, if it’s that good a planet, won’t be already occupied.
Imagine mankind as the interstellar equivalent… of squatters.

Or worse… invaders…trespassers?


Whatever it takes to survive…


[quote=“GoliathSteak, post:5, topic:100324”]
Yes, but you are presuming Proxima-B, if it’s that good a planet, won’t be already occupied.
[/quote]That’s assuming that, if we were to discover alien life, that we would discover sentient alien life. For all we know the first form of alien life we discover could very well just be a bunch of animals on another planet.


Yeah, but what would it mean to live that way? It would feel like “Humanity’s Best Days were in the Past”.

If planets such as Proxima-B are inhabited by intelligent life, and here we come… Visitors from Space.
And yeah… what if it’s happening because our own system is going down the tubes?

Of course… I guess in the probability of things depending on how long Proxima-B has existed and how intelligent the lifeforms are, we would have received visitors from that planet first.

Oh well… endless possibilities.

It takes me back to 1996. I walked into a fake TV telecast of an attempt to communicate with aliens using a helicopter with lights (It was actually a disguised promo for the film INDEPENDENCE DAY) and the shock I felt when the helicopter was destroyed by the UFO. I was like: “Crap! What do we do now?!? Sh*t! We’re at war!”… It’s like you can’t believe what you’ve just seen/read but then you also start thinking about how many things have changed just because of aliens/UFO’s. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes of course, this is also possible. I think there have been Earth-like exoplanets found in other systems. But this is the one closest to us, so it presents the most intriguing exploration options.


do you think humanoid or nah?


Probably nah.


Who knows what we’ll find? Maybe NASA’s drone is zipping around the planet and then it finds… Kraken! :open_mouth:

“Watch out! Lightning!” :stuck_out_tongue:


so 20 years for a probe to get their if we send one now -sigh-


And we called it Shear…

I say right now lets get that workin.


I was talking to my friend who’s a real Space Exploration buff. And he was telling me that since NASA didn’t find “radio patterns” in the orbit of this Earth-like planet then it is likely Proxima-B does not have intelligent life as if any did evolve it would have been similar to us and that means they would develop the use of tools and eventually radio.

If the life we find there is primitive, then much would depend on the actual age of the planet, as it is highly unlikely the planet is brand new. If there is no intelligent life on this planet, it could mean the planet has a “cleansing cycle” that destroys most life before it can “dominate and evolve to other and higher life forms”.


actually Earth-like is a dimension of a planet and possibly gravity
and not the actual shape ,element or harshness/livability
but she is in the habitable zone (that only mean she could have liquids water
actually she is illuminated by a red dwarf


its size, atmosphere content, planet content… they most likely detected water…


planet content?


possibility of water they barely detect the planet and it atmosphere content is to light refraction
and the image are artist made since we just got a picture ( decent) of Pluto after sending a probe there


and o i forgot the 20 yea travel is 40000 year with current technology
the 20 year is a theorique ship and have yet to have his principle tested