Breach EA is temporarily free-to-own


For this weekend only, you can download Breach through the En Masse launcher and own the game permanently just by logging in. The game is currently in EA, so I thought it was worthy news; especially for a 4v1 game.


Thanks for the heads up. Seems niche enough to warrant a look. Installing it now. Might give it a go with my brother and some friends later.


Just played the tutorial. Minor gripes about how I have a 7 foot vertical jump but my normal ‘run’ speed is stupid slow compared. It seems promising. It has potential. Reminds me of quite a few decent ideas mashed together. I might stream this later as I figure more of it out. I think the biggest hurdle is balance and keeping players wanting to play it over and over. I can see two main types of players.

Those that come from an ARPG/MMO history and think this isn’t that bad though it has a little less content, or the arcade shooty types that play it and discard it because it’s a 3rd person moba and then they want to go back to their main titles. Hoping that this free weekend brings in players (Which is why I assume they are doing this to help populate more servers) Worst case it’s not a super terrible coop arpg. Thanks again for the find! I’ll ping this when my brother comes on and if I stream. (I have a wicked bad cough and streaming might not be great)