Bragging Rights - Share your story


In hopes of keeping the number of bragging threads to a minimum, how about we share everything in one thread?

How awesome are you?


I am so awesome I lose every game…


I’m awesome enough to have written the entire guide for the Mobile App and solve the code hidden in the end of the credits!


Why am I so lost with the credits stuff?! What is this code?


Credits stuffs!

I don’t even know how to find the credits XD I don’t have the game yet but I did at least solve the thing.


my first monster game i beat my team stage 1 goliath. i did play beta though ehhe.

my heart was racing, it was so intense.


I’m so awesome that even though I lose I still enjoy the game. Even if they leave me to die in a plant I just can’t get mad. Last but not least I actually managed to win some games on PS4 without using a mic (I’m kind of shy).

First time I got my hands on the game today and it’s really good.


I’m so awesome I read the first page of the steam reviews without vomiting

Also I 1v1ed a full health stage 1 AI Goliath and killed it, but you know, compared to that review thing


Be more positive:
I am so awesome I make everyone who play against me win.


I’m so awesome that I’m currently writing an Evolve Story that I may share with the community, and I’m just about done developing my Shear Field Guide.


Bruuhhhhhhhh My Epic Victories!


I’m so awesome, I decided to download evolve as of release day (off of disc) with a connection speed of 48 kb/s, and enjoy it!!! (Still loading :yum:)


I JUST GOT MY DISC. It’s already at 17%. Life is grand. :cry:


4 hours later, and still at 7%.


Dude, it took a day to download the beta, and the game JUST finished downloading. I feel your pain man. Keep strong!


I will, it’s at 15 somehow now, so thank God, although I’m so uncertain about this DL pattern. Thank you though, I will make it😬


It just told me it needs an update and now that’s loading slow asf… Barely 5%.


I just sniped a Kraken through a rock face with Cabot to win the round!