Bought Season Pass #2 but still showing as not bought


I bought the second season pass but it is still showing as if I didn’t buy it in the evolve store it is still showing as if I didn’t buy it.

Is this just a visual thing or do I need to worry?


I am honesty not sure if this is the right place for this kind of issue as it’s not a game bug. It’s sound smore like an issue from the platform (PSN, Steam …) you bought it from. Have you contacted the relevant support (Sony, Valve, Microsoft) already?


I have this issue as well on ps4, and my guess is because not all of season pass 2 has been released yet. I think you should wait until Jack is released to see if you get him automatically.

If you don’t, then call for support on whatever platform you’re on. As long as you still have your confirmation email, I think you should be fine.


If you purchased Hunting Season 2, and you have Lennox downloaded and she works fine then you should be all set.


That bug is a little annoying - I’ve got it too. The good news is you should still have the content, and be good to go.


What platform are you on?


I think everyone has it, I’m on PC and I’ve got it. Don’t worry too much about it.


This happens a lot in Xbox one, but yeah, it’s a bug, if you try to buy it again, it won’t let you and it will tell you that you already have it.


I got in on PS4 as well. Not a problem, but a freak out if I’m not awake sometimes, lol.


I just began a new thread and this one popped up. I have exactly the same problem with Season 2 on PS4. Season 2 is labeled as purchased in PSN but it is not recognized as such in the ingame store. I can play Jack and Lennox though. Hope it gets fixed soon.


Wow this is still a bug after long. I thought I was going nuts. Just bought on ps4.


Might want to check the posts in the thread before reviving it.

Have you tried to purchase it again with it telling you that you already purchased it?


Herrow! You may want to check out this thread, however @LadieAuPair may be making a new thread on this issue soon!