Bought £19.99 season pass but xbox store says I haven't


First of all I love what turtle rock has done with this game and that’s a shame as I’ve recently become a victim for the first time of the leader board reset. I was rank 11 with Parnell in global, unfortunately i dont have pictures if it but luckily level hasn’t reset as I got to 40 just 2 nights ago but I’m not overly annoyed I got leaderboard reset as I’m sure you’ll have it fixed in time for tier 4 assault.

What has annoyed me and what I have pictures of is that I have paid £19.99 for the season pass and got the magma skins for all monsters yet on the store instead of it saying ‘purchased’ its giving me the price so I selected it and it’s telling me to purchase it again? I have pictures of Goliath kraken and wraith with magma skin on with my account.

Just want to know what to do cause the money has left my account which I can get the statement for but if when the tier 4 classes come out and I can’t get them I don’t want to have to take another £19.99 out of my pocket again when I already bought this.

I will pay for it again if I have to because I love this game and it’s community but I’ve already paid for other items on the store and they’re saying its purchased but the season pass isn’t. Someone help or if a dev can pass me directly to an employee of 2K instead of having to get no reply on their forums.

Pictures below of my account so you know it’s my pictures and then following photos of the magma skins, the season pass charging me again and other items in store that are saying have been purchased.


I bought the deluxe edition and it also says purchase. But the magma skins are only for the people who bought the season pass and since you got them you’ll be fine.


Yeah just wanted to know if it’s happened to anyone else just to get some peace of mind so thanks


Same thing happened to me. I bought the deluxe edition and if I go to the store, it’ll tell me to buy it again even though I have the skins from it so like mentioned, you shouldn’t be too worried about it.


No problem, many games have this, most of them give you a warning that says; if you allready bought this item do not buy it again.


thanks for confirming this guess we’ll see when tier 4 is out


I thought I was the only one with this problem :sweat_smile:


Same thing happened to me the magma skins uninstalled for some reason but I know they were there so it didn’t get refunded or anything