Bots with Bugs


Since the 2.0 update I have noticed a few new problems with the AI. It isn’t all the characters, The problem seem to only be with the medics and Torvald. The medics will not heal themselves with the healing burst unless I hotswap to them and do it for them. After the first time doing it for them they will do it on their own after that. Sometimes I have noticed if a teammate is hurt they will use it but they will not use it on themselves unless I do it for them first. I have noticed it with all the medics but it is most noticable on slim and val. It is also worth noting that Caira will still heal herself with her grenades but not the burst. It is pretty much the same problem with Torvald’s AI. He will not use his mortars until I swap to him and do it for him, again after the first time he will use them on his own. @MacMan and @MrStrategio I thought I should probably tell you guys about this if you didn’t know already. Thanks!


Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ll be looking into it.


Thanks for checking into it! I noticed this while on the pc version. Thanks again!


@MrStrategio after playing some more last night I also noticed that Caira will not use her acceleration field either. Unlike the burst though she will not use it on her own at all, even if I hot swap to her and use it for her. When I switch back to the character I was playing she goes right back to refusing to use it on her own.