BOTs.. why are they soo randomly challenged by their own skill?


Personally, for training purposes I would like to see Dark Bots (aka darksims if you know the challenge)

What I do not understand is this… In a training hunt game, setting the hunters up so the map favors them and selecting a decent 4 pack ends up being either a challenge or not. But when these bots enter a game lobby, they seem to revert to the lowest most difficulty setting or something.

Why is there such a large discrepancy between a monster playing all bots vs. one bot on a team due to afk.

that one bot on the team… was it like left out of the factory when A.I. was installed? I try to ignore them in the lobbies but they always end up being the support roles so I need to take them down.

So sad…

Behemoth is sad, behemoth is going to go eat more afk bots… crunch munch… just not a satisfying meal.

Ok, so how would everyone temper the BOT situation if they had the chance?

New Difficult Selections for Co-op vs. A.I