Bots in hunt mode


Am I the only one that feels a strong urge to leave immediately when you find yourself stuck with any number of bots when playing hunt? They’re more terrified of wildlife than any new player, and even more prone to provoking and getting killed by said wildlife. I got stuck with 3 bots and both the support and medic got incapped by a single reaver within the first minute of gameplay. Either you lose due to them killing themselves off or you leave rather than dealing with it and get a loss from that as well.



Believe it or not, I have actually lost games because of people TAKING OVER for bots. Bot Hunters are basically around the strength of a level 10.


In combat, sure, the bots can actually be a bit terrifying. My real problem with them in hunt mode is the actual hunt part. They’re likely to get killed by wildlife because they engage literally everything you get near and you either find the monster when some of your team is dead, or if you’re lucky, they’re just at half health or below.


Basically, I’d like to see them be more passive in hunt in regards to the wildlife, unless someone actively attacks the wildlife.


They should make it so that if you ping something dangerous they will avoid it, like a tyrant or a megamouth. And I think that if the monster is hiding in bushes or something with no clear view of him the AI should not notice them, at least for a certain amount of time.


I agree with this. As much as I like how effective bots really are in combat (excluding Hunters which bots are naturally bad with like Torvald and Lazarus), the hunt itself can be annoying when you have to gun down wildlife due to them provoking it or them being able to see inside bushes when hiding as a Monster. At the very least, make the ping feature useful in Solo mode rather than making its usefulness exclusive to multiplayer.


Agreed. Some way to instruct bots that “Hey, now I know you’ve got some serious bloodlust for native species and fauna, but come on now, we got shit needs doing and you dying in a blaze of glory against reavers is not one of them” would be awesome. As you said, it would be cool if pinging wildlife made the bots actively try to avoid them but if you were to attack the wildlife they would help in the attack.


I think at the moment, pinging wildlife makes them actively attack it. At least, it seems that way to me.