BOTS holding position or splitting in teams of two


If playing solo can you get them to stay at one place when hunting and then get another hunter to draw the monster to you??

Bot ai holding postion
Bot ai holding postion

I don’t believe so.


Nah, my experience is that the Hunter bots are purely follow the leader, they stick with you. One sad example of this that is almost funny is I was practicing my Bucket UAV skills, spotted the Monster, then realized that my team (including Daisy) had been sitting there waiting on my body the whole time. :confounded:


It would be so good if you could set them up so some on high ground and others on low ground and have the trapper waiting and lead the low level monsters to them in a solo game and get them to hold positions. Its an obvious thing that should have been included!!


Well, but short of having some method of assigning a strategy to either the bots as a team or down to individual roles saying it should be implemented and putting it in the game as something people could understand is another. I will say that in combat while the bots are hardly perfect they do an adequate job, in some regards I think their lack of independence in tracking on their own can be a “good thing” as well since they then aren’t abandoning you if you decide to pick up a perk or do something else. In the end this doesn’t sugar coat the hunting process and demands the human players figure out how to do things effectively. I can see the reason for it all, just thought at least the team might follow Bucket’s head since I was tracking that way.


I love it but a hold position would be great


They seem to somewhat listen to waypoints. It’s not 100% but they do sometimes go to a waypoint I mark. Maybe it was because I was fighting or something but I’ll just be standing there and mark a area ahead of me and some go. Idk, may also be a random coincidence.


HMMM i havent tried that! I would want to get the trapper set up somewhere then get the others to flush low level monsters to them!