Bots getting hung up


I’ve been playing solo to get a feel for T4. I noticed both in games as a monster and as a hunter on at least three separate occassions that the bot controlled hunters would get caught up on geometry or something, separating them from the group entirely. Once it was the trapper, leaving no way to dome the monster (though the monster eventually walked into him) and one time I was eaten by a plant while they couldn’t get over a measly building to save me.

I have to admit, in just the small bit I’ve played since the patch came out, I’ve been seeing some noticeable decline in polish on the game. Don’t know if all these changes are worth the decrease in performance I am experiencing.


Nice last name by the way, it matches mine.

And bots have always been a little strange. It’s mostly a last resort, to test on, or be a temp place holder for an actual person.


I understand them being a place holder, but I’ve played a good deal of solo before patch 2. I’m detecting a noticeable difference in their behavior, and it was repeated in three matches in one play session.

Haha, yes we do! You’ve replied to me on here before.


I’ve not used them much, as I rarely play solo, unless I’m testing exploits/mechanics. So I’m not sure what changes were put into place on them.


Yeah, I usually play solo because my weekdays are long and sometimes I don’t feel like messing with pubs, hahaha. But, I don’t know anything about changes, I just think something in the patch might have screwed with their pathing or something. I played soooo many solo matches prior to patch 2, I had never seen them get hung up so heavy on geometry.

While I know it’s primarily a multiplayer game, I believe it should still be enjoyable when playing solo to an extent, just as L4D was.