Bots are still tier 1 hunters


I’m not sure if someone has answered this or it has been confirmed as a bug but whenever someone doesn’t choose a character they are automatically put as a tier 1 hunter. Or if you join a game with lets say a bot trapper that was never chosen (aka the game started with trapper slot empty) you are automatically put as Maggie. This doesn’t ring true to monsters in which are randomized if not chosen. I believe a change was going to be implemented to make randomized hunters appear other than always the tier 1 hunters. I’m experiencing this bug on the Xbox One, I’m unaware if it has been changed or fix on other platforms



This is not a bug. This has not been implemented on console as of yet. They only made this change on PC.


Well, uh… @Therubexcube has pretty much cleared any confusion about the issue. Let’s get a leader to close this post up, shall we?

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so they are not adding this to the console version? is that confirmed by anyone or is this a bug? Assuming since it was added to PC version that it will be added to console, unless otherwise stated


They are probably adding it if it is on PC, they just haven’t yet. I’d say expect it in one of the next few patches.


I said it wasn’t implemented “yet”. From what I understand we may be getting it on the consoles.


Alright thanks, just making them aware of the issue that’s all



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