Both nest and rescue lack strategies for monster


In both game-modes you have to either go to stage 2 and go all in or attack at stage one and come out on top a good deal for you to evolve to stage two.

I suggest starting the monster at stage two in rescue and have allot more eggs at nest.


Every thing besides hunt feels tacked on.


I agree that the modes are lackluster and need some work, though there is some interesting decision making to be had. I prefer to go for the perfect victory, no survivors in both Rescue and Nest, mainly because it makes the game more interesting, and it feels more like a challenge.

Rescue has the most variance. The decision to rush Stage 2 and risk them getting 4 free survivors, vs going for the quick armor, Stage 1 rush is interesting. Also, if you incap a survivor, you still get the two free bars of evolution energy, so waiting for the hunters to revive a survivor, only to kill it again for energy is fun.

Nest is just always the same though. Rush stage 2, get a minion, engage and hope it goes well.

Defense also feels like it’s always the same formula. Rush in with the first waves, blow up the defense turrets, harass with subsequent waves until the reactor goes down. Rinse and repeat.


In both Rescue and Nest, I get full armor, crack an egg if it’s nest and then get the objective. Afterwards, I just run away really quickly.

Alternatively, go wraith with 3 points in abduction and hit the survivors while they’re in transit.


I wish they’d let you do this, instead of ending the game when five survivors are down. You kill the first five and there are five left, then it ends with you lusting for their blood…[quote=“killerx09, post:4, topic:35267”]
Alternatively, go wraith with 3 points in abduction and hit the survivors while they’re in transit.

That’s evil. Also, aren’t they untouched while in transit?


In Rescue, I find myself going “Big Bad Wolf” and I always beat the hunters to the downed survivors. I can always get at least one survivor down before they catch up to me. Also, Wraith’s supernova? SUPER useful in rescue. It’ll flatline a downed survivor faster than you can blink! The hunters need to be quick, or lucky to beat me to them.