Both Crow and Sunny still need work


Out of the four T4 Hunters, Slim and Torvald are pretty reasonable, but Sunny and Crow are downright anti-fun.

Crow’s tracking ability has pretty much no downsides compared to the other three. It’s easy to use, hard for the monster to spot and avoid, and extremely effective at keeping the monster tracked. Worst of all, you can throw it in a random direction and get lucky right from the start. Admittedly, I make it seem pretty bad, but it’s not impossible to counter. It’s single biggest problem however is that it’s far to easy for the trapper to use and forces the monster to play so much harder then if there was another trapper on the team. It needs reworking, and I think the best thing that can be done to make avoiding it easier is to give a noticeable audio or visual que whenever Crow sends Gobi out.

Sunny is even worse then Crow is. Nerfing her damage per shot did not fix the problem. Sunny’s issue is her jetpack booster and her shield drone, both of which are ridiculously effective tools. The jetpack booster removes all need for skill while chasing the monster down, letting people simply rocket themselves directly to it whenever it’s in line of sight. And the shield drone makes fighting in domes a living hell. It’s response time is insane, shielding a target the exact moment it takes damage, which actually breaks a few abilities in the game, most notably Goliath’s rock throw, which does only half of it’s damage upon a direct hit whenever the shield drone is around. And destroying the shield drone offers no advantage. The drone is capable of being redeployed just as soon as the last one was destroyed, and has not virtually no charge up time in order to begin working. On top of all this, Sunny is still capable of using her mini-nuke launcher and jetpack boost while the drone is shielding people, allowing her to provide twice as much assistance as any other support in the game. Both the jetpack booster and shield drone require changes made to be on the same level of usefulness as other support’s abilities. While I am sure not to be able to provide a perfect solution, the best changes that can be implemented in my opinion are to remove the jetpack booster’s speed buffing ability, and force the shield drone ability to recharge after it’s been destroyed, providing some amount of downtime for the monster to take advantage of, as well as decreasing it’s reaction time to more reasonable levels.

I apologize for the somewhat abrasive nature of this post, and I hope to encourage some level of interesting and insightful discussion on the balance of the game.


You’re either deeply misunderstanding the way shield drone works or devs changed something, because originally drone wasn’t shielding first hit you land on a hunter, be it rock throw, lightning strike or whatever else, hunter would receive 100% of the damage and start getting shielded only after that. Which is exactly what makes shield drone a piece of garbage in comparison to Hank. Not to mention it’s static and often won’t have line of sight on hunters. Changing it’s position will require re-charging and it still might not have line of sight on hunters anyway, because monster and hunters are constantly moving around.

As for Crow, I find that he’s worst among all trappers and only useful to reveal sneaking monster when you know that monster is very near. Yeah, Gobi’s range is very short. I have no problem finding monsters without any tools (mostly playing Abe) and after that I can just shoot tracking darts into them and basically have an idea of where they are for the rest of the game. Crow is just meh.


The shield drone doesn’t shield against the first hit. What it will do is begin shielding immediately afterwards, breaking abilities that have two instances of damage. For example, Goliath’s rock throw has direct impact damage and then splash damage. The shield drone detects the direct impact damage, and then blocks the splash damage, heavily reducing the impact of the ability.

And while Gobi’s range is short, it isn’t that short. Used correctly it covers an area fairly effectively, and the cooldown is quick enough for it to be spammed anywhere you think the monster might be. Other trapper abilities either require premeditated strategy, additional assistance from the hunters to cover more ground, or line of sight with the monster in order to work, but Gobi needs none of these things. While it isn’t impossible to avoid a good Crow, it’s significantly harder then any other trapper.


True shield drone doesn’t hit before the first hit, but there are rockthrow instances where you will be hit by the shrapnel first. That is probably what OP is referring to.


Actually, it do absorb half the damage a direct Rock Throw do on an originally un-shielded target. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or an oversight.


I actually think that getting hit twice is the bug. I think if you are hit directly that you are not supposed to also be hit by the shrapnel.

  1. Gobi is fine. The real problem is that people haven’t learned to counter him yet. Yes he has counters and no they are not unreasonable. And I can keep a monster tracked for 12 min of a 17 min match(just an example i remember) with Abe and once the monster is found with Maggie she stays pretty much right on his ass. There’s no reason to not allow Crow to do this.

  2. Shield drone: Again this is a problem of not knowing how to counter. The complainers seem to be people who just try to destroy the drone. Don’t bother doing that. That’s stupid and that’s the counter Sunny is gonna want you to use. Time standing there swatting a self-shielding drone = damage city. Here’s the good ones: A) break LoS. Probably the best just keep moving from one side of the dome to the other. B) Kill Sunny. Gonna have to break LoS or power through the drone but it’s still possible. Go back for the drone. C) Just ignore it. People literally do this all the time with Hank. No reason it won’t work on Sunny. D) Either do AOE damage or like bounce back and forth between 2 people. This will have the drone freaking out and not doing any proper shielding.

  3. Jetpack: in combat this thing is pretty well balanced I think. It has a low charge and long recharge. Out of combat the issue people have is the whole trapper darting thing. Another countering issue. When a trapper does this don’t run. That’s what the trapper wants and what he’s expecting. Instead attack him. You should be able to at least get the down before the team gets there. If you can’t… well, have fun in your dome.


And why was it so hard to post this in the OFFICIAL Sunny or Crow discussion?


I feel Crow is fine, the monster can out run him and Gobi has a limited range so it’s not like you can keep up unless the monster does not try to avoid charged stasis shots. Also, Gobi has to get lucky and find you in the first place, bit like Abe’s darts.