Bot still goes after medic no matter what


I don’t understand how the ai was updated and yet the monster will 100% go after medic even thou you dont shoot at them or do any damage or in this case i was just spawning in and goliath threw the rock at me as i dropped in.


Medics are the lifeline. Kill the medic, kill the team.


Not necessarily. There’s a HIGH chance you’ll win if the medic is gone. But not gaurenteed.


It has always been this way and I know, it can be annoying! Especially when the AI Goliath is an expert at rock throws lol


Or behemoth and his TG.

Edit: I can dodge Goliath’s rocks just fine but I swear Bob never misses a damn tongue no matter what. And in arena, that big bit*h is afraid to 1 v 1 and sneak pounces more than any other bot.

Small venting over.


True, I should say…kill the medic, easier to build up strikes. Thus, making it an easier game to try and win.


Its how most people play. Medic keeps the team alive. So who don’t you want around? Medic. Argument could be made for bursting trapper down first instead at s1 domes.


Which I find the AI doing a lot. Stage 1 he focuses trapper.


Only problem bots have is that they have almost like a lock on feature. Well mostly Goliath and Behemoth. I’ve honestly seen rock throw CURVE to hit the person it was aimed and tongue grab lands no matter what you do.


The only way I’ve ever dodge TG was by running out of LOS. Heh, then again, I guess Behemoth just could not hit me through the wall since I see the TG go through my body but does not connect obviously since it was through the wall xD

I hate bot Behemoth but he can be easily exploited with terrain whereas bot Goliath with LS the f**k outta you if you try that crap.


Is this what you do, @bot? You monster!


I havent really had problems with this anymore. Something I noticed is that the monster will attack medics like Val and Caira a lot, but dont even notice me when Im playing as EMET.


Goliath AI throws rocks better than many Goliath players I encountered :slight_smile: Good thing that even when he is about to win dome goes down and he has no armor - he will run (unless it’s stage 3). But still, monster bot is still far easier to counter than pro monster players. Watch out though, cause he can do some dirty sneak pounces now. I wish they buffed hunters AI so they finally would DODGE a single ability! I think bots got freezed (unlimited) jetpack though.


Really the BotHemoth and Goli are relentless when I play Emet! I jist want to level up the respawn beacon for those sweet, sweet badges.


Run away and dont heal/shield. Hugh damage, high CC, shielding, and healing will all make the bot switch targets.


If you can tank the monster hard focus as a medic for a couple minutes. It will actually give up and start targeting support hard.


Can say with 100% certainty this was not the what ive been seeing. Was playing with 3 buddies just last night- 4 of us vs bot monsters to mess around. I was on support, hank, and anytime i got active on the cutter or the shield, the bot would go for me like stink on a hobo.

On pc.


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