Bot & Skills4u2envy Join The Leaders


We’re happy to announce that @skills4u2envy and @Bot are the newest additions to the Forum’s Leader team! They have both shown that they are capable of taking on this role, and as such, the current Leaders felt they were the best picks out ot the roster of nominees.

What do Leaders do?
Leaders are responsible for minor clean-ups on the Forum, and are “mini-mods,” if you will. If a topic gets out of hand, Leaders are able to prevent it from getting worse by hiding or closing topics until a Moderator can clean it up. They are also some of the most active members of the Forum community.

When should I ask a Leader for help?
If you want your topic closed, hidden, renamed, or recategorised, the Leader team can help you. You can also flag a post, which will bring it directly to the attention of the Mod team if no Leaders are available.

How do I become a Leader?
Anyone who is active, friendly and helpful in the community has the potential to become a Leader. If you can demonstrate these qualities, you are more likely to be noticed by the Leader team and more likely to be nominated for the position when we look to add more to the team.

Please join us in welcoming them into their new positions :slight_smile:

Current Leaders

  • Skills4u2envy
  • Bot
  • ToiletWraith
  • Jedi_Warrior
  • Niaccurshi
  • Sannom
  • The_CreatorX


Congrats you two.


Congratumalations you two :slight_smile:

Don’t use your powers for evil :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the Thunderdome! :smiley:


[enter appropriate gif here]

Alas, it is nearly two in the morn.
Congratulations you two.

And to all a good night.

######Don’t know where I was going with this.


Congrats Bot!
There always has to be at least one inorganic leader. After BSG was promoted someone had to fill the role.

Congrats Skills4u2Envy!
I remember when you were a wee little boatman. Never forget.


Congrats you two!

When I come back I expect… 4 certain individuals to have joined your ranks.

Wouldn’t have picked anybody else myself!


@Bot @skills4u2envy


Shadows guide you both.


Congratulations, guys! Welcome to the team!


Congrat you 2 ! :slight_smile:


I literally though @Bot and @skills4u2envy were both already leaders. :stuck_out_tongue:
Congratulations both of you!!!


Glad to have you both on the team. Congratulations guys. :slightly_smiling:


Yay! Welcome leaderinos!


Thank you very much everyone! :heart:

I’m really glad to have joined the team! It’s a great honor. :slightly_smiling:

Congratulations to you too, Skills4u2envy! :blush:


Took you long enough @Bot. I always thought of you as being a leader.

Congrats Bot and @skills4u2envy !


That’s right!! The robots are taking over!!

Seriously, congrats to both of you!! :smile:


Oh wow, I don’t think I noticed you become a mod!! Congrats!


Yay! Congrats! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I’ll be off to write another story. Congratulations @Bot and @skills4u2envy.