Bot monster is too strong


Every time we play even with a team of 4 the bot monsters attacks have no cooldown, and every single attack is spot on. You can make the bot miss someone once in a while. Is this just us or are the monsters far too accurate?


Goliath tends to have a very strong combat AI routine. The others vary between ok and strong, but Goliath easily has the strongest combat game AI.


Yep, like maddcow said, the AI Goliath is insane, if you are medic, prepare for your worst nightmare, but the other AI monster are pretty easy, especially Kraken, I think they should make some changes on how the AI Goliath uses rock throw, which is insane


And yeah, the AI is super accurate, just look at how Kraken shoots you lighting balls when you’re mid-air


Except for Kraken. It varies from “okay” to “5 year old playing OM NOM WILDLIFE!”.


i feel goliath ai is only strong in evac… in normal hunt mode its not strong for some reason, always running away, not evolving that fast.


AI in general has a very specific routine when it has no armor. It will only run away. You can solo monsters this way without doming. Good for practicing jetpack management etc… It will only turn and engage when down to a last bar or so of health.

Idle to leaderboards and vote to kick

It was the goliath that we have problems with. The other thing that people go is go idle when playing as the monster because it’s better than them. They get the credit for it, and level up off of not playing. How is that fair? I think the bots should be underwhelming when held by people.