Bot (hotswapped OUT of) only ever gets one strike

See the video

Match that started without a trapper player (Trapper bot). I hotswap in to the trapper at the very beginning and my Assault is left as a bot player. He is SO DUMB and gets taken out by wildlife for a strike. From that point onwards he never gains another strike. He’s downed again after coming back from the dropship (which would have been his second strike) but isn’t killed outright. He then comes back on a second dropship and still only has one strike.

Not a visual glitch as Hyde never died outright when losing his health at any stage.

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Thats because Hyde is “unfuckin’stoppable” as he so likes to put it :wink:
Nah but that’s… Weird.

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Seen a bug like that our assault left the game and support died and went to ship the support hot swapped to assault to continue hunting then when the support came back he switched from assault back to support, he then died again. So he switched back to assault, next time support came back down he had only 1 strike even though he died twice.

I’ve seen this happen, and reading your reproduction methods, I can confirm that this is indeed the same scenario I had. One of my friends picked Hyde then switched, and Hyde always respawned with only one strike despite me killing him over and over.