Bot ai holding postion


It would be great that when playing solo you could get the bots to hold position so you can get the trapper to wait and flush the monster to them!

Do you think that is possible?


You can hit Escape and click “Take a Break.” bots take over.

Good use when you need to pee. Or your house is on fire.

EDIT: Read this wrong. My bad.


Already a recently-created and active thread on this topic…


Oh my bad :slight_smile: where’s the thread?


Link is in my previous post, just trying to help get all ideas in one place and reduce the threads I’m compelled to read. Below again, the top is a link. :smile:


Yeah that was me haha. It cant be that hard to add so i put it as a question on the feed back tab! I haven’t tried the way points though so they might make it work?