Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Discussion Thread


If you’re excited for the new Borderlands game, post about your excitement here!
Have you played Borderlands 2? if so, share your thoughts about the game changes this new Borderlands game is going to bring.
Do you like what you’ve seen so far?
How could they improve?
What do you wish the devs would add?
Which Character will you main?

I’ll probably pick up Nisha first, then try out ClapTrap for the lulz since he’s got random action skills xDD


I’ve said since the moment they announced him as a playable character, I Must be CL4P-TP. There are no other options.
That’s not entirely true, I’ll definitely play Athena as well, and I’m also curious to see what they do with DLC characters as those were my favorites from the last game for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


Handsome Jack as a Playable Character!!


Athena, love the look of her Xiphos tree, dashing around and bleeding enemies. I like the jetpack addition, I think it’ll be fun.


That’s so awesome! :smiley:


I played the hell out of Borderlands 2! I collected like every legendary weapon myself, I have every Character at least on lvl 36 (one playthrough) but most of them are way higher, my main Zer0 is on OP8, so i can happily say that i enjoyed BL2 to its fullest. So im super hyped for BL1.5!
Im playing Athena for sure, since shes been one of my favorite chars in BL1 and i loved the “Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC”.
I think the addition of slam and cryo ammo will be a nice addition, but i hope they keep most things the same, im more the “never change a working system” type of gamer :smiley:

Handsome Jack playable?! How AWESOME, i looove this character, hes like the most badass villian of all time!


Technically, it’s not Handsome Jack. It’s his body double. :smile:

I’m very excited for this game. If anyone wants to team up, I’m going to be doing a weekly event on another forum where a group of us play through the story together. It’ll be Thursday nights, I believe, so if anyone is interested PM me.

I really need to get my hands on the first Borderlands, just for funsies. I’ve played BL2. Right now I’m on my second playthrough in TVHM. Stuck at Mad Mike at the moment, which is annoying. Generally I’ve played it solo, but might need some teammates to continue. The game is definitely harder now. Can’t wait to see what UVHM is like. :smiley:


Is the body double confirmed? or just a rumor still?

I’ve nearly beaten UVHM solo, it’s definitely a task for sure… So much death… and a good slag gun/grenade mod/ability is absolutely essential… Unless you’re Krieg and you can do ludicrous amounts of fire damage. XD


I feel like the new Borderlands is a lot like Destiny, so I’m not sure how interested I am


Honestly though, I haven’t looked into the game much yet, but if the hype is good maybe I’ll pick it up in a Steam Holiday Sale


Surely you mean that Destiny is a lot like Borderlands. :wink:

To be honest while Destiny gameplay looked fun enough it’s the art and characters that made me kind of go “ugh” when I watched some videos. Looks like Halo: The Early Years. Which is fine I guess, I love sci-fi but it just seems rather generic. Nothing I saw looked all that unique. Even some of the enemies looked like Halo enemies.

Granted Borderlands TPS is just another Borderlands but I’m looking forward to the characters talking to each other finally.


Yeah, I was just referencing a very heated and dramatic discussion on the Destiny thread yesterday



Oh Girl, youre making me so angry :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope the guys who are behind the BL Dialogs will stay the same forever :smiley: BL is one of the few games, that are making me laugh loud every few minutes :))


Im so hyped guys!!!


Agreed, can’t wait to start my melee Athena!


I hope some people here are getting this on PC. I’m quite excited to play, and it would be cool to get some teammates who’ll move over to Evolve when it comes out (or more likely, play both). :slight_smile:


I plan on playing as Wilhelm. Out of the shockingly large amount of bosses in Borderlands 2, I always had a soft spot for Wilhelm, upgrading him from a standard Hyperion engineer to a badass cybernetic beast that was UNJUSTLY poisoned (spoilers) by Jack in Borderlands 2 is going to be great.


I think it’s not a bad game :wink:
I like the fun of this game ! You can do what you thinks !


Thats right.I played previous borderlands and it was really awesome :slight_smile:



Exclusive Gold Chest revealed.
Plus some new Legendary Weapons

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