Booster Cheater


Hey guys i want to make a New topic because i,ve watched a few unfair things from a few players in Evolve everybody knows the rankings right ? And everybody can see which player which world vor regional ranking has right ? So it is important that gives a function to support cheater and booster because there is one of a cheater who is getting gigantly on my nerves ! It is [redacted] or [redacted] he is on the first or second place worldwide and regional and shall i tell you what bis littel secret is ? Nothing ! This guy does every game nothing just to come in the game block the slot for other player and set all time long in the game into paused and before he geht kicked hes jumped in and geht paused and do just nothing. And when he see that the Team geht loose at the and he trys to geht a restart. That is not a joke that is true and we cant do nothing about this unfair cheater… It is not fair that other people try do get top rankings and spend so much time in it but it is so demotivating for some oft us. The Problem with [redacted] is not new i’ve spend so much time since the game has been realeased and im under the top 150 player regional i know most oft the people in the game one of my team meates how i often play is the worlds best Markov that means i know what i talking. It is not fair and a demotivating thing for me newbees and every other people who play this game when such player how [redacted] get to the world first rank because he paused the game and he does nothing and just chill please when it is possible to support some cheaters or make a system to support them the good thing is in ps4 wie can record the sessions to proof that hes a Chester. Is anybody here whos watched that too with [redacted] ?



Memes like this only apply when dealing with bad grammar from someone who speaks english as their first language.

Seems like the OP doesn’t :wink:


Do not call out players. You can use the report function on your platform or submit a ticket to 2K support along with any evidence of cheating.

Thank you!


That is not a meme and excuse my bad english im from germany and my auto correction is installed in german sorry


He wasn’t referring to you. :slight_smile:


Ja, ich verstehe. :smile: Jetst das ist gebongt.

Get -> geht. Haha

Was geht ab auf Deutschland? Na?


Ah jemand der deutsch spricht xD Das ist schonmal viel angenehmer, zumal die Autokorrektur auf meinem Handy ziemlich anti ist was Englisch angeht. XD Naja wie du lesen konntest ärgere ich mich halt über einen der Top platzierten Spieler, der Siege durchs nichts tun erringt.


Ja, es ist angerlicht.

Du hast sowas von die Nase voll, Ja?