Book: The Art of Evolve


Placed my Amazon preorder last night! Can't wait!


I'm buying this and that's final! I love works of art that have menacing creatures and hardcore people to eradicate them and to have a story from a game to support it?! Yep It's an exclusive buy for me.


There the same anyway but im gonna buy the cheaper one


The real question here is who's not going to buy this book. Already having spent all my money on the deluxe version of the game for xb1 why not buy the book by all means if i love something I'm most likely gonna spend all my money on it which is probably going to be the case with game itself plus i love concept art.


not sure about getting this because i would just like to enjoy the game but on the other hand it would be nice to have a look at what the first monster ideas were leading up to the creation of the monster images that we see now.


For that you should check out the development thread!


It's here!!!!

Edit: sorry for the blur...just excited I guess!


Got my copy of the book today. I thumbed through it very briefly when I got it, and have taken a longer look at the first part (The Pitch artwork). I just want to say I LOVE the concept are for the Scorpid. I know that it eventually turned into Goliath, but it would be awesome if one day Scorpid was fleshed out and made his way into the game as his own monster self.


@Katherine_St_Ives @TheMountainThatRoars How good is it? I haven't ordered mine yet.


It is beautiful! I'm at work so I won't be able to dig in until tonight. But I thumbed through it and I am excited to read it through. :monster:


I haven't had time for more than the first part right now (I'm obsessively watching season one of Arrow), but it looks really nice. Then again, I love art books, so there is that...


There's also an intro and chapter intros from Chris and Phil, so there's some fun info in there. For all you hardcore folks who have been following us all last year, you've probably heard it all. But anyone who is new might appreciate a little more insight into the foundation of Evolve's design and where things like Locotech came from.

I worked a lot on putting this thing together, and we have some incredibly talented artists featured in it, so I really hope you all like it smile


Thank you for all your hard work! I absolutely love the side content and video streams you guys put together for us!!


Here is another page from the book as shown on Amazon


I finished the first read and it has me so excited for next Tuesday! The art is beautiful and I loved all of the concept art.

I cannot wait to explore Shear! Now, back to the Hunter's Quest.


How'd you get yours already I thought they weren't being shipped till febuary 10th!?


Mine shipped out on Monday via Amazon.


Hmmmmm amazon must be playing favorites haha or maybe I bought the other book and they had different ship dates, idk but I'm jealous!!! I can't wait for mine!


So, as I stated above, I have slowly been looking through the book, and I just happened across page 93. On this page is four rows of character silhouettes, twelve - thirteen for each class created by artist Scott Flanders. Now, I have said over and over I'd like to see more female hunters, and looking at these silhouettes I have a request to make for the design team, if any of them are looking at this thread.

Assault: Kiko and Cassie both look pretty interesting to me, and I like Raven for both her design and her name.
Medic: I love the look for Aurora. Yes, we already have two girls there, but she does look really cool.

Also, in the non-female area, Ash (Medic) looks quite interesting.

Anyway, as I say, I just wanted to throw this out there. Thanks to everyone who put the book together! There is a lot of really great art and background (both visual and written) in there.


Waiting on my book! Must have! Can't wait to sit down and gobble it up with my eyes!