Book: The Art of Evolve


So who plans on buying this? I know that I am for sure!

Link to news-

Link to Amazon-


I want it…bad!


You better believe that art book will be gracing my personal library! I absolutely dig concept art, and the book has already been pre-ordered with Amazon. :smiley:


I have a great need!


Here’s the Amazon UK link, if anyone’s interested;

I’ve ordered mine, I have a soft spot for hardback art books, I have a growing collection.


The picture of Goliath holding Val is enough to know that I need this book!! So sick


You know I’m going to be snagging a copy!


Yeah, totally an homage to King Kong! Also like the nice touch of the Blitz leopard moon.


Soon…I will have you.


Heh, I thought it was Simba


I will have to save up for one. That bottom image is gorgeous!


Ugh, I can’t get one yet! :frowning:

I’ll make sure to get it on time though. I can’t afford to not have it!


It might take me a bit, but I’ll be sure to grab this sometime soon after release.


The image with the moon reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to ask @Matthew, I notice one of Shear’s moons has strange lines and marks on it, is that from Helium 3 mining, something natural, some other reason… or simply creative license?

Evolve Timeline/Lore/Info Megathread

It’s because it’s new. The whole system is new, astronomically speaking. In another two billion years, there’ll only be one moon around Shear and it will look more like ours.

Evolve Timeline/Lore/Info Megathread

I meant more specifically about one of the moons, I think it’s the largest one, it has ‘lines’ visible on the surface. I’m guessing they’re just natural formations, but I wondered, if they were ‘mining lines’, especially as some of them are so straight.

It’s really interesting, visually, so it may just be artistic license, which is still cool.
Thanks for the info :smile:

Evolve Timeline/Lore/Info Megathread

Yeah, I knew what you meant. It looks like there’s some mechanical design there, but it’s just what happens when you’ve got a celestial body like that, that’s experienced a few impacts and tidal forces, but not 4 billion years worth.

Evolve Timeline/Lore/Info Megathread


I feel like I need one for every room in my house.

Luckily for my wallet, I only have one room.




…Okay? House + Wallet = One Room?

I may not be the mathsiest person in the world, but something doesn’t add up.

Is this one room actually a closet, leading to Narnia? It is? I knew it.