Bodies falling/warping fix incoming?

I cant remember where i saw it but i saw somebody mention that this persistant glitch would finally have its long awaited fix for crying Laz players like myself in the upcoming patch. Can anybody confirm this?

It is being worked on. I haven’t seen the patch notes, so I can’t confirm when it will happen, but you can see details of bugs being worked on here:


You play Laz, but use Parnell’s picture? Does Laz know you’re cheating on him?!

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Cant i like both?

As long as Laz is okay with it. ^.-

I mean, there are 4 classes. I cant get medic every time.

In the next update you can. ^.^
Well, if you choose it before the other people.

Love is complicated.

Laz understands…

Yes he does. Our love can never die.

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well that’s good to know,