Bob's victory pose


Was soaking some nice damage from a random pug group and then I get hit with a harpoon and everyone disappeared and I was stuck like this. Do those points still add to event?


Sorry for bad image I don’t record games at all


What do you mean, was bucket in the team. And I doubt it since the match wasn’t finished.


Yea 3 times I killed team except bucket and just sat in his turrets till they came back then after 18min of game I get harpooned and everyone is gone and I am stuck like that and can only move where harpoon lets me since i couldn’t hit it


I literally was just walking with hands in the air


I moved your post to the Bugs section. :slight_smile:


@Quirkly I think Bob is praising the sun here


I like his form, just a bit too rigid…4/10, not yet ready to praise


You try praising the sun with a poon in your guts :’(


Already did, wasn’t even hard


When was he officially deemed Bob? I kinda just heard someone say it on the forums and went with it…


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Ok thanks for changing it