Bob's rock wall


@MacMan, I was just wondering what the plans were for Bob’s rock wall? Because I noticed that his wall is a LOT smaller than it used to be and I can’t really find a good use for it anymore.


That’s why he’s only available for Founders, TRS is changing some stuff for him so new players and old ones can have an awesome experience with him once they finish it :slight_smile:


I am having awesome experiences with him, I just put 0 points into rock wall.


Who knows, maybe they have some changes for Rock Wall :behemoth:


I’ve been using it offensively, kind of like a ambush since the Hunters can tell how far out it is going to go, and it’s worked pretty well.


I still find his rockwall useful, it’s just not crazy “jail time” at level 3 like it was!


The most satisfying moment is when you incapacitate a hunter with a rockwall when they think they can get away.


I like to incap them with fissure as they go behind a wall, or pull them with tougue into a fissure.


I believe that it does deal more damage now than it did before and it goes up more quickly. It can be used as a weapon, but I am still having good luck blocking people from running away or rock wall pouncing people. If people try to fly out, I tongue them back.