Bob's Prime skin


Does anyone have a pic of Bobs prime skin?


Credit to @Kepil


Oh my, it’s glorious!


That looks awesome :slightly_smiling_face:, now I HAVE to level up my Bob.


Dammit, Deity I have all of them stashed!


There’s a topic with lots of pictures of other prime skins too. Feel free to browse this one if you want. :slight_smile:


Im to fast man


He’s our prime source for monster skin pictures at the moment. :wink:


Any word yet on behemoth availability to non-founders?


Not yet. You’ll know about it as soon as more information is given. :wink:


Darn it I want him meow!
Right meow!!


We can continue to discuss this topic in the topic I linked a couple of posts ago if you want. :slight_smile: