BOBCICLE.. win streak maximus carnageous

I just cant stop getting perfects. winstreak in hunt betas close to 30 now…

DANG he is SOOOOOOOOO FUN! I will post up a vid asap!


In hunt beta

Well there is the problem


Hunt beta tho…


uhm no…

I can stomp in arcade any day of the week.

Hunt Beta is still trying to match make off of stats.

Anyways, instead of being DEBBY DOWNERS… why not just enjoy it and life… GOD for the sake of Life stop complaining (passive in this case) and just have some FUN…

fur realz


somebody is projecting :stuck_out_tongue:



Still love this community… were like a family. snip at each other, but in the end we love each other.

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Well bobcicle is definitely not trash as many people like to claim, I don’t think he’s very high tier tho :c

maybe in the hands of com. playstyles.

I never left Bob, and can beat gold hunters with him…

Ice Bob, has Gigantic Burst potential, its just opposite and more of a sneak.

In the vid, you see me launch the ice pillar, i use its travel time to arrive right ontop of its execution to stack up my attacks and forge forward.

I think… people should play bob without the T. Grab/I. Spear and master his laning first (which i did) then eventually adapt into a t.g kit.

edit::wanted to say, fastet win with bobsicle is 2mins43 seconds.