Bob still melts laughably fast


Whatever they did to his weakpoint detection either didn’t work or isn’t enough. Unless the Hunter team has zero coordination, he simply too slow to reliably focus fire, and attempting to do so eats massive damage. Such a waste of a Monster :frowning: I want to love him, but when you are sustaining more damage at point blank range than you can dish out, something is wrong.


Tell that to the fact I’ve gone all day winning at stage one


Fought a good Bob recently. So satisfying when he finally died.

So. Much. HEALTH.


I guess you need a good old Mortar Barage Kaiyan


Are you sure you got the patch? I feel like I could sit in the middle of 5 orbitals, Behemoth is a beast


Caves, Plokoon. Behemoths greatest advantage


you got to be kidding!!! the behemoth took years to take down, the stage 3 matches are soo long it feels like a freaken final boss,

attack on titan anyone? ^.^


It’s scope of hit is just about in front of him or random on the side so unless the monster is flailing around just attacking every which way, then he shouldn’t be vulnerable all the time. I’ve done solo-mode against behemoth and I can tell you that his hit box isn’t that big. And from multiple player it just depends on the player. You can hit from the side while he walks depending on where his arm is, it does block his gutsy spot. On his rolling its random, but not enough to be troublesome.

Honestly its easier for me to get headshots on kraken using the weapon scopes or focus zoom for no scope weapons. Kraken’s AOE attack literally leaves his head exposed for some time.

Overall behemoth doesn’t melt any faster than the other monsters unless the players have damage perks or cabot - meaning behemoth would need to have resistance perk to counter balance that. Other than that, the player has to learn to traverse well and make use of his wall as a block. Otherwise you can just give chase and melt on the run like any other monster.


Are you on console? Or Pc cause I’m not sure its up on pc yet. I dunno what your doing wrong cause I got dropped into a game at stage one and got caught but still downed liek 3 of them without even losing a bar of health


PC, pretty sure I was playing with the patch. And I would love to see any of the aforementioned matches, presuming competent Hunters.


Really? Hmmm. I’m on console, and my sole strategy is to eat up, find a cave. Take attack bonus perk and one in lava bomb, rock wall, and fissure, and you should be good to go


I’m on Xbox One and still don’t have the patch. Well, as of a few hours ago.


Meh, lost due to the darn tongue grab bug still being here.


On a PC - its been out for awhile. Getting caught off the bat depends on many things and is usually monster player error or good hunter guess work. Fake tracks and trails are the way to go. Traversing around on console may be harder than a PC so I can’t speak for console players. It takes a bit of precision to use behemoth so probably multitudes more practice to be good with him on console. That aside, I think someone mentioned there being more aim assist on consoles so something like that would likely have a huge effect on a monster like this that can’t dart around to well :frowning:


I wasn’t so much caught as I happened to connect as they found me but still managed to come out on top in the fight so I wasn’t too upset. I managed to win when I got to stage 3 after an annoying relay battle.


Behemoth does die pretty fast. I just won 3 games in a row against him.

Then that Behemoth changed preference, and became our support. He decided to drop orbitals on me whole game; and not assist the team whatsoever. I just left the game because of it…


Behemoth with increased HP or armor is NOT going to fix ANYTHING.


What about his smaller weakpoint?


Sounds like a bad player that was being spiteful lol

The challenge is overcoming his immobility. People tend to get caught and flee/hide or fly out of reach for some abilities. You don’t have the luxury with behemoth. Its more important to cut off a heal or support from the rest and dust them off. So -picking- a spot to get trapped would be a good idea, or quickly assessing terrain and pick a spot yourself from within the dome if its not an ideal location.

They are going to keep track of the over all w/l ratio with behemoth and modify if needed, but there will be some people who just are not going to be good at using him. He still has some sore spots to work out, but I’ve come across good and bad behemoths - I can admit I’m not a very good one myself :ok_hand: I get too frigidity when I get trapped and make stupid mistakes like standing in one place and trying to aim certain abilities.

There also seems to be a thread about him being squishier at stage 3 - not sure since I usually either win or die by stage 2.


Not every map has caves.