Bob Nerf hidden from the patch note 2.07?


Bob’s fissure’s effect area clearly got nerfed in the latest patch — if the animation is accurate.

I wonder why it didnt get mention in the patch note ?

and does Bob really needs nerf ?

any Dev can answer my questions ?

much appreciated.


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The initial enormous width of Fissure was a bug. Never intentional.


Ooooo I was just about to tage youuuuuuu


but why didnt they mention they had fixed this bug in the patch note ?

and level 3 fissure’s animation still very narrow ,same as level 1, intentional too ?


It was never supposed to be as wide as it was. It was always supposed to be narrow. Rip better fissure.

They didn’t mention it because Behemoth isn’t available to everyone I guess.


so it did get nerfed ?

can DEV confirm this ?

if it did what the reasons for hidden it from the patch note?


Because Bob isn’t available to everyone and it wasn’t a nerf. Bob just lost his better fissure because it was a glitch.


I was just going to post a bug report about this. I just did some testing with my friend, and it’s still hitting wider than the visual is showing. Could just be a visual bug.

To the people saying this is a fix to 2.06’s massive Fissure - this is far smaller than the original Fissure size, before 2.06.


I dont get your logic man.

if fissure’s AOE was wider before the latest patch, how is this not a nerf ?

glitch ? how is a wider fissure a glitch ?

and it “supposed” to be narrow ? where is this “supposed” came from ?


GogoGoliath is referring to the hidden change to Fissure in patch 2.06, which made it massive, as seen here:

And now patch 2.07 has gone in the opposite direction, and made it visually smaller. Neither of these are a normal Fissure.


so are you saying the actual AOE size never changed during the last two patches, and the only thing is been changing is the VFX?


The 2.06 Fissure - the really big one - was larger in hitbox, too. This smaller 2.07 Fissure is hitting a few meters outside the tiny VFX that we’re seeing, but I’m not sure if its the same hitbox as a regular Fissure.

Either way, there’s a bug going on that needs to be looked at and fixed.


Yes I just tested that and had the same conclusion.

we need DEVs to confirm what is going on here.


They’re trying to get the VFX to match what the actual Fissure does as well as fix the fissure “fizzing” bug that keeps it from hitting/going off at all.

Last patch it was smaller than the VFX and this patch it’s wider than the VFX. Bob is still a WIP which is why he isn’t available to everyone, and that’s why weird stuff like VFX is getting messed around with constantly.


Behemoth got unintended changes from his refactor around the corner.

One of these changes- unintentionally, made his fissure ridonkuously wide.

There were no actual “value” changes to his fissure- It was a bug from the new code. It was completely unintended.

Take it with a grain of salt as this wasnt “on the forums” and I have nothing to link/reference for it- But I was one of the ones who reported this to the devs (and tested with one to get video/pictures of it)- and had it confirmed via personal conversations with them, that it was a bug.

While yes its a “nerf” from what it was before- Its more or less “just a fix” to something they didnt mean to do.


Havent checked to see what its at NOW as of 2.07

But in 2.06 it was massive. I dont know if the VFX was actually wider as stated- I never tested the specific “edges” of it, but i CAN confirm 100% it was at least ALMOST as wide as the VFX indicated. When we were testing it we were hitting 2 people with it end to end to see how wide it was. We didnt find the exact lines of it, just confirmed “holy shit yeup this thing be big yo”


during the latest 2 patches ?

Okay, that is what I wanted to know, thanks!


to interpret what @Sidewaysgts is saying.

The hitbox and VFX were wider than intended due to a bug.

They slightly lowered the hit box when they fixed the bug, and the VFX is currently not matching what the actual new hitbox is.

I don’t know how big of an actual change it is, but it is a bit smaller than before.


@MrStrategio Can we verify this please?