Bob Combos- Counters! :D


So I was playing Bob today and his combos are AWESOME. How do you like to counter them? Except the obvious “dodge the tongue”- I mean after he tongues you, before he’s smashing you into the floor…How do you like to avoid the full damage of those?

Enlighten me, folks, so I can learn how to counter your counters. :smiley:


You can’t.
The moment the tounge lands you’re dead, unless you have a shielding support.


Position yourself in areas where he can’t tongue you, but where you can still land damage. The key to behemoth is positioning more than dodge mechanics.


Mostly just this.

If you’re already up close, say, playing Hyde, you can run past. But that only happens rarely, and with bad players.


Don’t get tongued?

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The temptation is rising. These innuendo’s are killing me. you’re pushing my buttons here.


Yeah, the tongue grab combo is an instant kill if you don’t have a shielding support, which is a pain for the trapper.
The only way I have found is to stay out of tongue grab range and that is not a practical solution.

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Tongue Grab range at level 3 is 60M I believe. Fortunately very few people max it out right off, at least not until S3…But Behemoth also has fast movement with the roll. He can easily get within 30M of you tbh, which is the range for the level 2 tongue.


Basically any combo that starts with tongue grab is a killer. As behemoth, I’m very confident in my ability to get strikes with it.

As for counters, there isn’t much since they fixed the thing where hunters could jet pack out of it. I do agree that positioning is key. Behind some kind of cover, rather than just far away. Something to block the tongue, or to at least stop you from going all the way to bob. Once you are at his feet, the only thing I can think of is jet pack straight up. But you’ll need like a full jet pack. He may miss his heavy melee, and you won’t be sitting in lava pools. Hopefully the medic can save your ass after that.


kite arround things (rocks etc.)

hide behind wildlife corpes for the tongue

hide behind a little rock so he cant tongue u but u can still shoot him

just play defensive against bob

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Shove a minigun in his gut!

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Easier said than done what about when you want revive/protect a dead body


The best way to avoid tongue is to stand places where you will collide with something on the way there and be able to fly back.

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u better avoid that situation :stuck_out_tongue:

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What are your favourite Bob combos? I’m liking tongue, fissure, melee myself. Hurts a lot, relatively easy to hit with. Can follow it up by rolling over them.


Tongue, lava at my feet, wall, heavy melee roll them against the wall in lava and a pounce. Just before the wall is down, if they’re alive, Fissure.

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Tried this on a bit yesterday, seemed to work best without the roll part pouncing them while IN the lava does a ton of damage, but if I rolled them sometimes they got out of it. Very nasty combo though. Can even pull it off at stage 1 minus the fissure.


The Fissure is largely unnecessary if done right.

Tbh this is more of a lategame thing- it works better with a longer ranged grab because you need that time to setup the lava and wall, but if you do it right, you WILL kill a hunter through shields and healing. It’s a POWERFUL combo.


Oh yeah it wrecks face. I can see it working well if you chase a hunter for a bit, let them get into kite mode, get a bit of space and then pull em back to the kill box.

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What do you like to use at stage one? I was liking the tongue into fissure but with a good hank that largely gets negated. Against a lower level who is prone to panic it’s fine but against a better player they tend to get back out of there with at least SOME health.

If they have bucket or Cabot it still drops them of course.