Bob can only fight in caves, T4s still OP


I want to love him, I really do. However, the only time I have seen Behemoth win (both playing as and against) is when facing a seriously uncoordinated team, and even then, only with high walls or an indoor space. Similarly, T4s bring such powerful utility that even in semi-skilled hands, they are completely dominant.

What really gets me above all others is that Mortar can be used at point-blank range (<10M), despite supposedly being a long-range skill shot. And of course there is Jetpack Boost, nuff said. I love the thrill of the chase, have original Monsters elited. But as of tonight, I’m done with Monster. One fewer to play against. /rant /queue fanboys


noooooo don’t stop keep going never surrender!


T4 hunters are just higher value targets. Sunny is more obvious because of the extra jet juice and lazy sheilding. Slim because we arent used to not smelling alongside spam heals and torvold has little value at longrange. Try kracken vs. T4 hunters


HVT doesn’t mean much when the entire team is T4, lol. Plus I like variety, playing Kraken every match would be just as boring.


Understandable, priorty is sunny, keep slim\torvald at range, then work crow. Slim 3rd the assult for last. Sunny runs the team in most scenarios while crow allows slim and mr. T to work the rest
Team falls apart without the buffs\debuffs from crow sunny


honestly I think crow is pretty balanced. it takes some serious skillshots to slow the monster and the long rifle only matters if you’re domed stage one or low health with full armor in which case its gg anyways. gobi is basically a more easy-to-use version of abe’s darts without the corpse dart traps.

Torvald’s grenades are pretty powerful, especially since it also increases the damage of your teammates. his shotgun is also too strong because it combines the best parts of shotguns and assault rifles, pretty much. his mortars are also amazing if you’re good at predicting movement and/or your trapper is pro, which isn’t too difficult. so yeah, he’s next in line for a nerfing.

Sunny does lots of damage, and I was surprised at how quick her reload is, but the one consolation is that her grenade launcher cant be used against weak spots and it cant be combined with the damage amp for obvious reasons. her drone can’t predict attacks, so simply do small damage to secondary targets and large damage to primary targets and you bamboozle the crap out of drone 555 (aka JParty). her jetpack boost is the most annoying thing, its given me PTSD whenever I hear the word “dome”. it also allows hunters to get out of harm’s way in combat, keeping them just out of your reach while it’s in affect. next up in the nerf queue is sunny, though her nukes and boost should be the only things weakened.

lastly, Slim is basically Caira with more damage, more stealth, less healing, and less speed. not having smell shouldn’t be that big of a crippling effect, just get out of the cloud or squint, its not that hard. his leech turns Caira running around like a chicken with its head cut off firing at her feet into slightly less healing and a lot less firing at feet (unless its the monster’s feet, in which case get better aim), which isn’t that OP considering that the only other method of healing is the bug which is only useful to heal hunters who aren’t being focused and after-dome recovery. also, if you have the bug out in combat that’s less time you could be firing the leech gun, which is pretty damn counterproductive.

in conclusion, Sunny and Torvald need nerfs, but fighting Crow and Slim isn’t that bad. Sunny and Torvald will be fixed soon and you’ll be able to get back to behemoth the beast ASAP.


T4 has already gotten nerfed, qi
Quite a bit too, slim for a 30% damage reduction on his leech gun, sunny 25% and torvald 10% on both his weapons and the behemoth got more armor and health